Sunday, December 5, 2010

22 Nov 2010 Email

Oh did we have a baptism?! YOU BET! It was an awesome experience! From the beginning, I´ve been working with this family for about 4 months now since I got to Rivera, and just seeing the changes and the blessings that have come upon them, how they´ve grown and changed... it really has been a blessing for me, I´m so lucky to have a part in it.
Shannon Millela Quevedo Gonsales did receive her answer and was baptised Domingo 20 de Noviembre, 2010! and confirmed a member the following day! I was so lucky to have the honor of entering into the font with her and to watch first hand this young daughter of God be washed clean and enter into the fold and I also confirmed her and had another firsthand view as she became a member and recieved that most precious gift..the Holy Ghost. It was a large blessing for me, and it felt so good. Her family was there, and a few other members. Her Mom now has the strongest desires to get baptised, and as soon as she can get the divorce and marriage through, it will happen! I probably won´t be there, but it will happen!
It was actually pretty crazy preparing for the baptism, the water was still in the font from the last baptism! and the pump was broken so we couldn´t drain it, so Elder Tippets and I spent our day using buckets to empty the font! it took forever and we sweat a lot! But it was worth it every bit! we then took some cups and rags and fished out all the gunk and cleaned it, and then filled it! It was fun!

The sacrament meeting sunday was actually really cool, the couple that were baptised the week before were confirmed and Shannon as well, so we had 3 confirmations! It was neat! We also have 2 other investigators with a date! Sueli! an older lady who´s really forgetful, she´s already been to church 3 weeks in a row and loves it, we´re just taking things slow with her cause she doesn´t remember everything. And then Andrea! Who had visited with missionaries awhile back and then we visited her again, taught her the first lesson and left her with a Book of Mormon, she read and prayed, and she got an answer as well! She described it as a feeling of peace! She made it to the church yesterday and has a date in December! We are being rejected a lot! but we are being blessed! Definitely hunting!

Yeah, it´s warm her, we actually sleep with the fan on, so the mosquitos don´t attack us with it on, and I use my spray, so I´m actually good on the net!

I am remembering all the things I´m thankful for, oh there is so much! especially after the amazing experience we just had! I´m thankful for my family too and their support!

Luv ya tons!!!! Be good!

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