Monday, November 15, 2010

15 Nov 2010 Email

This week did go by pretty fast, so fast I probably won´t remember everything.. But this week was a little harder for us, especially yesterday! I think we ran into every atheist that lives in our area yesterday, and everyone else who just doesn´t want anything to do with us, it was a pretty intense rejection day..... we did so many contacts and got no where... I was really actually getting frustrated and thought I might strangle the next person who gave us a hard time. Luckily we decided to finish the day visiting a member and doing a reference activity.... it turned out to be a really nice experience... I felt the Spirit and actually used her restroom to offer a quick personal prayer.... walking home I don´t know what happened, I just felt so happy and content, even though the day was quite the hard one... the Spirit can really give you that peace of mind and help you feel just good. It was another Alma moment, speaking of him, I wish I could just show the people my truth, but I sin in my wish, I should be grateful for the opportunities God gives me and just do my best and never get disanimated!

And on the bright side! Shannon Gonzales has decided to get baptised!!! This saturday we will be having her baptism, I´m so happy for her and her Mom, they´ve progressed so much and it´s been so great to see their faith grow. I love it! I also got to help put in someones floor and mix cement! It was pretty fun! It was on divisions too with Elder Vega! Well that´s enough about me!

Snow.... I miss the snow, it´s been really wierd weather here lately, hot as fire! and the next day rainy and windy! But it´s all good, I like the change.

Anyhow, there´s probably more things I could say, but the times up and I can´t remember is all anyways, thanks so much for writing and the support and love! Luv ya tons!!! Be good! Read and pray!

Our zone conference with Elder Arnold! (he spoke in the last conference) Nov 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here are a few pics from my B-day bash and on the bus from Montevideo! and My Halloween!

Email 8 Nov 2010

Well the Birthday was pretty good! I opened the socks early, cause I ran out.... and I opened the tootsies early....cause I could smell the root-beer! I made a cake of the twinkies and lit the candles the day before my actual B-day..... cause we were fasting the next day, then I opened the rest of the gifts on my B-day! And had a cake yesterday that Andres made for me! As for teaching and finding, we´ve applied a lot of what we learned in the training and even though we had only half the week to work, we worked hard and we had as many lessons and found as many people if not more, than we have had in a full week! We´ve felt the Spirit more and we had a few investigators in the church. Sadly the Moreira Family wasn´t in church yesterday. We had an interesting experience with them, after their first visit to the church we couldn´t have a lesson with them until Friday night becuase of the training and P-day and everything, we found out from Andres beforehand that they said they didn´t like it! Those words sunk like a rock......a very heavy rock..... in my stomache.... that has some very sharp edges so it cuts you when it goes down and even more when it comes out later...... and has a bad flavor!..... we were so nervous to go have our next lesson with them and we prayed so much and planned so much... we got over there and talked with them, and sure enough they explained how they didn´t like it and what was wrong with it and what not, but we were so prepped and listening so carefully to the Spirit that we were able to clear up their doubts and help them feel the Spirit, and in the end of the lesson (making a long story short) they told us that their feelings had all changed, they understood and it was a really nice lesson..... unfortunately they weren´t there yesterday and we have a lesson with them again tonight...... so we´ll see what´s up. Anyhow, It´s so important to be Spiritually intune,..... we don´t teach anyone, the Spirit does.... we just have to be worthy to hear it. I´m so grateful I´m not alone in this work.

Thanks abunch, again for the B-day stuff and for all that you do! Keep praying for the investigators! Specifically Sueli, Wilmar, Familia Moreira, and Familia Gonsales!
Luv ya tons! Chau por ahora!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 Nov 2010 Email

Well....I did celebrate what little I can for Halloween! I don´t have my cord with me today, because this week´s been a little different, but I´ll send you some photos next week! I loved all the costumes though, it made me proud! It´s one of my favorite hollidays! At first I thought Daniel was the scarecrow, then I saw Beatlejuice! (originally my idea) but he pulls it off real good! :) I loved all the other ones too, Coraline, Pocahontas, Brawny.......HA, and the Elf couple! and of course the blue princess! Where´s your costume Mom?! (nice job on the rats by the way).

I´m still trying to get through that old testament, I´m on 1 Samuel 11 right now, and D&C 89 I just read today! I wish the girls sitting next to me right now had read D&C 89, becuase they stink really badly with the smell of cigarettes! Congrats to Daniel on the Eagle!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Was it brother Dangerfield? I really liked haveing them for the trek parents too, awesome! There´s an Elder in our zone that is from Pleasant Grove and was friends with a lot of my theater buddies from there, it is a small little world!

Well, my P-day was moved to today because the last 2 days we were in Montevideo again, but for a special training! It was really great, we did so much practicing though it was crazy for 12 hours strait the first day and a little less the next we had the training with our Pres. I really did enjoy it, it´s a series of new lessons to help missionaries become better teachers that they´re doing with all the missions right now! It focussed a lot on the compromises and how we need to be doing them more often and getting these people baptised. It was a great lesson! Oh, and we got the Moreira family in church this last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their story is pretty fun, we actually found them looking for someone named Ramiro, a reference, turned out a Ramiro lived in there house, but not the one we were looking for! But they let us in anyway and they just so happened to have found a copy of Legacy in the garbage earlier before, and they had been praying to find the right camino (path) in life and we showed up! Coincidence?....... I think NOT! God´s hand is in this work all the way, right there with us and if we are doing our best he puts those blessings in our way there is no doubt of that in my mind! This last week was really good, lots of lessons and new people, we are excited for this change!

Thanks for the update and the prayers, and the B-day package! I actually had to open one present because I needed the socks! But the rest are still wrapped till saturday!
Love ya all tons!!!! Chau!