Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan 2011 Email

First of all, my camera just died, so no photos this week either!

Well I´m lovin it here in Dolores so far! My new comp is Elder George from Utah as well! Provo area! And he´s a lot more obedient and hard working than the last comp so I´m really excited to work with him! Just in the last few days we´ve done more work and had more lessons than 2 weeks of work with my last comp!

Also, I´m in an actual ward again! Not just a branch! I haven´t been in a ward since Cerro! And we actually have a ward mission leader!! I haven´t had one since Cerro as well, but the difference is, this one actually does stuff! I had my first correlation meeting with the mission leader ever in my one year, the first one!!! The ward is great, the Bishop, it´s big! We had about 70-80 members in church!!! We did divisions with some of the priesthood leaders already! Great stuff! I´m excited! We also cleaned up the house really good and redid the map with the pin system.... good stuff! We actually share the ward with another pair of elders too, but different houses. Anyhow, I´m a lot happier, working more, it´s just awesome! A really good zone with people that are just more humble nice and wanting to work.

I did wake up my first morning with 65 mosquito bites though... I´ve been using bug spray since! This last sacrament meeting was one of the best I´ve been to... not sure exactly why, but just the new larger ward, atmosphere, being new to the area I shared my testimony with everyone and then two of the other elders actually had talks and the mission leader. gooooooooood stuff! Ya........ this week I hit half way!.................loco...............demasiado rapido!

I'm still in Jeremiah. He´s actually a really cool prophet, never knew much about him before.... he was always obedient to the command of the Lord, even when he knew it wouldn´t turn out all that great for himself, he still trusted in the Lord!

Anyhow, I´m just excited for the new change and the work! That´s pretty much it for now! Be good! Send me photos! Keep reading and praying with real intent!
Chau! Te amo mucho!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Jan 2011 Email

I´ve actually already got quite a few photos on this card. I don´t have the camera with me right now, so I can´t send the photos of the BAPTISM we just had! You can call it a miracle if you want! I think it is! Danny got baptised January 15 (my lucky number) by Elder Hancock, and confirmed the following day by Elder Sanhueza! What a great journey it has been to come to Rosario and work with him and his recently baptised wife. They really have great faith and testimonies, they study the scriptures together and really just want to have the love that Christ has and taught. The water was cold! But we didn´t feel it... just the Spirit!

Apart from that I´ve had a few experiences this last week, too many to tell all but a prayer that was one of the most spiritual I´ve ever had, many little experiences that have taught me about charity and little acts of love, lessons of forgiveness and service and the importance of the plan of Salvation and another Investigator, Karen, has accepted to be baptised, so hopefully that will happen a little later on in the future!

I´m reading now in Jeremiah 30, and I´ve been going through Ensigns like tissue paper! It´s great stuff!

Oh, and we got our changes last night and I´m leaving already! I´m going to Dolores 1 in the Zone of Mercedes! And my new comp will be Elder George, I don´t really know him, but I hear he´s a fun guy! I hope he has a desire to obey as well! Danny is now working on getting the Priesthood and hopefully going to the temple with his wife and the branch in February! And In a year from now when they go to the temple to be married, I´ll still be in the mission, and maybe I´ll get to go, it would be an amazing way to finish off the mission! Oh.... good stuff!

Sounds like a good new bishopric! Awesome, here we just have the branch pres and one councellor!

Well... that´s about all I can think of right now, even though a lot of things happened... Sadly I didn´t really get to say goodbye to everyone in Rosario cause I got kind of a late notice and had to pack and leave first thing.... but they will always be in my memories!
Anyhow, that does it for now, love hearing from ya! Luv ya tons! Luv the Gospel! Chau!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10, 2011 E mail

Well, to start off, the pictures are of me and my bud Luciano! At his B'day party!, a bat that decided to visit us!, the zone, and then me having a sleep over at Pres. Heaton´s house!!! We got to spend the night there during the training! It was the first time so far in the mission I´ve felt carpet under my bare'feet!
Dani is doing great! Satan is really working hard against him, his wife´s daughter was caught cheating on her husband recently, so they´ve been dealing with that, and his job has been really brutal, he raises pigs to be slaughtered! But he still keeps the faith! He´s quit smoking as of yesterday and is getting baptised the 15th! We are really happy for him!
I gave my 2nd talk in the mission. I talked on forgiveness, because it is really needed here. From what I´ve gathered... Rosario has suffered a bit. They used to have about 150 members back in the day, then they changed buildings and presidents and things just went down hill.... alot of missionaries have been here that just baptised what they could, many people who didn´t have testimonies and weren´t ready.... so they all fell away, either because they were offended... or they just think they´ve done enough and they are too lazy! We had a pretty intense lesson with an inactive lady and her daughter... basically they just didn´t like things that were going on in the church and left, after going to the temple and having lots of callings.... just don´t want to go anymore. Made the mistake of thinking they´ve done enough and think they are going to the Celestial Kingdom igual....... I don´t think anyone can say it for themselves.... it´s just sad... that´s the long story short. We won´t be visiting them again sadly cause it´s just wasting our time unfortunately. Rosario is just full of upset inactives that never had testimonies.... never really understood. I sit and look out the upstairs window sometimes and think 'oh Rosario'! It´s quite difficult here... Colonia in general is a harder area, but I know God is blessing me and working with me and when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold..... I hope.
My comp and I talked.... he basically told me that he knows he´s not following the rules and he´s just upset about how the mission is ran....
Anyhow, I actually had written a lot more, but the computer froze or something and I had to change and lost everything, so I´ll have to finish up next time!
Not all of the photos loaded either!
Luv ya tons, be good!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 Jan 2011 Email

We had permission to stay out until 10:30, so we had dinner with our branch president, stuffed myself too much and thought I´d die, but we actually went to bed at about 11pm, but we were awakened by all the fireworks anyways, but shortly after I fell asleep again. New Years day we met with some of the other missionaries in Colonia, including the senior couple, I don´t know if I told you there´s a senior couple in Colonia, anyways, they whipped up some hamburgers and other good foods, and we played some games like Rage, and Jenga, then some volleyball and futbol! It was a really fun P-day and just really tranquil.
I am actually happy that the holliday stuff is all ended, hopefully the people will have less excuses now to reject us :)

We gave Dani a date for the 8th, and he accepted, but in our next visit after the New Year he said he needed more time. They went to visit some really good friends for new years and apparently they got in a fight... they didn´t tell us, but we´re guessing that it had something to do with the decision to get baptised and all, he is down to 4 ciggaretts, but he says he needs time to calm himself and asked us to please be patient with him... we told him that´s fine, we´re good with patience. We shared D&C 121:7-8, talking about how these trials will be but a small moment.... shared some personal experiences and it was a good lesson.

Our fast and testimony meeting was the shortest fast and testimony meeting ever, it was the first time for me to end church early because there was no one left to give their testimony.... all 10 of us bore our testimony and there was still half an hour left... so we just ended early. But it was still a good lesson.

We just got back from Montevideo today, we went to missionary training thing, the same one I went to before, but my comp hadn´t been and there were odd numbers so I got to go again, it was actually really great to here it all again, and I got to talk with the Pres about some problems with my comp.... he´s a good guy, but he just doesn´t really care about following the rules, I´ve just been feeling really down and guilty lately because I know that a lot of time has been waisted and abunch of other things, but I don´t want to dwell on that, after talking with the pres.... poor pres, he had to send a missionary home the other day for breaking rules and just has to deal with a lot, but he´s a great man and full of the Spirit and love, a great example for me. After talking with him, I´ve just gotta try and push my comp, but be patient as well, he told me I won´t be with him long, but I´ve just got to do the best I can to get him to work while I´m still his comp, he´s pretty aware of everything, and apparently it´s a big problem in our mission, lots of missionaries who are waisting time and don´t want to work. But we´re going to try our best to change that.

I´m happy to hear about Elder Erickson and how he´s doing in Paradise!

Anyway, gotta to wrap it up for now, thanks for all! Send some pics from the hollidays! Luv ya tons! Keep reading and pray always! Chau!