Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scott Hancock to Michael
show details Sep 26 (1 day ago)
How is your week, any good prospects? it's got to be tuff, what is the average baptisms for a missionary? Anyway, the continuing saga gose on... Tomorrow I'm going to climb aboard a boom trailer (see image) scary, so I can cut down the tree at the studio, I have trimmed it alot but can't get to the higher ones so we will see what happens. I shot picture of pets with there people at a pet fair, Andra's was one of the main announcers and I shot pets... it was for fun like stretchy pants. I'm praying for you, keep plugging on!! Love Dad

Michael to Scott Hancock
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We´re still working with the 2 families and we´ve been having a hard time finding new people, a lot of door knocking and rejection. We´ve actually started focussing a little more on the less active members, we have a list of all the members, hundreds, even though only about 40 actually go, and we´ve been visiting them all. So far it all comes down to 3 reasons why they´re inactive: 1- they moved, 2- they´re dead, 3- they were ofended! I hate with a passion the last one even more and more. All too often people forget that this church is perfect, sometimes the members aren´t, sadly. They loose that eternal perspective and just feel anger. I really just want to drop the cane on them sometimes, but we don´t do that as missionaries, or at least we´re not supposed to. Average baptisms..... I really don´t know... depends on a lot of things. Anywhere from 4-100, I´m really not sure what the average is. I hit my 1/3 mark this week (crazy!) and I have 2..... so.... ya...
Be careful cutting down those branches! The pet show sounded pretty fun, how did Andra score announcing? Anyways, thanks for the update and the prayers. Luv ya tons!

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 Email

I am actually really really really excited for conference! I don´t think they have it in our church cause it´s tiny, but one of the other ones a little more in town ya, I just hope they can get an english broadcast in too. I think I get more and more excited for conference everytime. Just learning about the Gospel and the church in general has been so much fun! I´m now reading D&C and the Old Testament! Good stuff!!! That´s actually a pretty funny story about the dirty windows... the one thing I don´t like about the conference is that we don´t get the priesthood session till the ensign comes out because it comes on past our bed time :( But that´s ok.... we learn patience in the mission :)
We actually cleaned the church this last week, remember Andres Vasques? The less active member we helped get back, he´s the new branch Librarian, and he wanted to clean the church and the other two elders in our branch had a baptism, so we all went over, the 5 of us and cleaned the whole church before the baptism! It was actually really fun! And the baptism was really nice too! So that was pretty fun! I got to bless the Sacrament again, I love being able to do that, I´ve almost got the sacrament prayers down in Spanish :) The weather has been a lot warmer, except for today it´s been sprinkling a little bit, but it´s nice. We actually cleaned our house real good this morning... well as well as we could without water because a pipe broke and we don´t have water right now. But we cleaned it good becuase the president is going to come do interviews in every missionary´s house! While the Hermana and AP´s check out the houses to see what changes need to be made... FUN! We´re still working with the families and more with less active members, but it´s moving a long. Anyhow, haven´t gotten the package or announcement yet, but it should come maybe tomorrow! Anyhow, thanks for all you´re doing! Keep reading and praying! Luv you tons!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Scott Hancock to Michael
Sep 19 (1 day ago)
So another week, it seems to fly by fast, U? Hows the country side? quite? let me know. Brother Goudy reads your blog every week and has ask if its updated. Remember Diaz he will be home in 7 month and you been out just over? Crazy. Finished the front of the studio, Looks good and now I've started cutting down the tree just on the north side of the studio, I put as much of it as I can in the garbage can each week, then I got to wait a week. Daniel and I have to go in to be fitted for tuxes, crazy again! I'm making josh and Andra's slide show hope we get it done, I'm adding short clips inside the show as well, will see how it goes. I'm tired from all the work but my blood pressure is going down, I've been drinking some crazy stuff (Pro-argine-9) that has been reversing the hardening of arteries, anyway we will continue monitor and see what happens. Love ya tons! Dad :D

Michael Hancock to Scott Hancock
10:42 AM (12 hours ago)
It does fly by fast!!! in 8 more days, I´ll be 1/3 of the way done with the mission!!!! That´s insane!!!! I still feel like the new guy! It´s so weird.... I´m in that mixed feeling stage, I only have two baptisms and a third of my mission, I know you´re not supposed to judge mission success on numbers of baptisms... but some times I wonder if I´m just not doing something right.... It´s been a challenge recently... deeling with finding a new house, my comp seems to be getting more and more trunky, he talks about girls a lot, and just dealing with a 4 elder house, there´s more comparison than there needs to be and lots of fooling around, I´ve been saying a lot of prayers lately, asking for more caridad... charity.... the ability to love my fellowman.. or elders... I´ve been trying to watch myself lately, how I act and react to things and it´s been interesting to see... it´s really hard to not have pride and only charity and love... just some of those feelings that creep in here and there... anyhow, it´s just been interesting. I can´t believe he´s going home in just 7 months... it does pass by really fast. Tuxes again! What color this time? you don´t have to wear pink right? :) Good for you and your blood pressure, I try to eat healthy here, but sometimes it´s hard.... I definitely put on some pounds, but I think I´m flat lining it right now :) Anyhow, good luck with everything that´s going on, I love ya tons! Chau!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

15 Sep 2010

Well we got our changes yesterday and....... I´m staying! And Elder Cespedes is still my comp! We´ve got a couple really good families to work with, but need to find more people, we´re pumped and ready to go for another change! I´m actually the first comp that Elder Cespedes has had for more than one change! he´s had 12 comps so far in the mission!
You´re reading fast! Andra is actually in that same part! I just finished and am reading in Ether, but chapter 9 in Mormon is one of my favorites, it´s blunt and strait to the point! And I´m starting 1 Timothy in the New Testament, I really like Paul... he was a good missionary! Lots of stuff about not buttering up the Gospel but telling people how it is, we are not here to gain favor of men, but of God. I love it all!
This last week we did more service, we sanded and painted a room of a member, it was actually pretty fun, and we finished pretty fast! We also had another youth activity, we did a treasure hunt and played kick ball, it was cool because two of our investigators came and actually participated! YAY!!! And we had a branch activity.... sadly not many people showed up to that, but the missionaries made a jeapordy game and it was really fun! We have had to drop a few investigators lately and it´s really sad, I hate doing it... but sometimes there´s just nothing more a missionary can do, they have to make the decision.... not really fun... but it´s life, everyone has to make the decision!
We actually cooked some yummy hashbrown creation stuff today! it was pretty tastey! Anyhow, That´s about it from the field for now! Te amo mĂșcho! Chau!