Monday, December 20, 2010

I will be calling on Christmas Eve

Well first things first, the phone call, I will be calling on Christmas Eve, because I´m not sure if we´ll be somewhere else for Christmas. I´m gonna call you sometime from 7-8pm here, so that´s 2-3pm where you are at! It´s pretty much the only time, so if someone can´t make it..... too bad so sad, just gotta wait till Mother´s Day! I´ll call you guys first on the cell so you can get the number! Then you call me! YAY! So that´s Christmas Eve, the 24th, this Friday! Got it?! Espero que sí!
Anyhow, We are officially moved! We only falt our telephone, but it will be transfered before I call! But this last week I was actually really sad because we lost so much preaching and proseliting time with the move, we were running around everywhere dealing with contracts, telephones, tools, the move itself, inventory, cleaning the new house and cleaning and dejunking the old house! Oh, it was a long week. But we are all in, we installed our califon and everything and it´s actually a really nice house, we are closer to everything, the stores, the members, our investigators, the President, there´s even a carth that sells food literally next door. We have two floors, a nice view of the city. It just looks and feels cleaner and we have nice neighbors! YAY! So the good thing is that now, we can work better and more effectively because we´re closer, so this next week we´ll work hard and find some new investigators. As for baptisms for Christmas, very sadly we won´t be having any...... but we do have some people to work with. We are dealing with a lot of less active people and I´m really quite sick of hearing excuses to tell you the truth.... it´s really sad how people get baptised for the wrong reasons! But on the bright side we had an awesome lesson with Rosa´s husband Dani, he´s dropped from 50 cigarrettes a day to only 20, he´s changing a lot, they are studying together every night, and I found out that he´s actually had a testimony about the Book of Mormon for awhile, he had a friend give him one once, it caught his interest and he read it and it gave him such good feelings, and then whenever anything bad would happen in his life, it would pop up some how. He´s really changed a lot, and as soon as he can quit the smoking, he´s getting baptised! He´s really an awesome guy! Oh, I gave my first talk period in the mission last sunday, on the signs of the second coming... my comp talked as well, but he took 30 min, so I only had to talk for 10, but It was really good if I do say so myself :) We also had interviews with the Pres. and did a little Christmas program, Pres. Heaton actually dressed up as Santa Clause, it was pretty sweet! They gave us lots of goodies, and I got a some gifts from Grandma Snelson and Aunt Amy, so I´ll be opening those up on Christmas too! AWESOME, christmas with presents even in the mission, and in a new house, how exacting! would be better with baptisms, but we do what we can!
I also finally got the letters from the young women today, so I´ll send some replys later on!
A Uruguayan (that´s how you spell it!) Christmas is basically the same... without snow, and lots of heat! There are Christmas trees and some lights. Not sure about Mass and stuff..... Uruguayan Catholic is different than other Catholics......ya.. to say the least.
I really like that thought you shared, I´ve never thought about it that way either, that perhaps they all just doubted him... But it reminded me of a quote I have that talked about how the only people who know how strong temptation is are those that try to resist it.... to find out the strength of an army, you fight against it, not give in to it. Bad people don´t really know how bad they are, they just live a sheltered life always giving in.... in fact the only person who really knows how strong temptation is... is Christ.. because he´s the only one that has resisted all temptation... He´s the only complete realist. ( it was something like that) pretty interesting. It´s true though, he´s the only one to know how tough it can really get, we have no idea. I am so grateful for what he did, even though I don´t understand it.....I know he loves us... cause I´ve felt it.. especially out here.
Anyhow, I´ve got to go, thanks for todo! I´ll be calling you this week! Be good and read and pray! Hasta viernes! Luv ya tons!

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