Monday, November 15, 2010

15 Nov 2010 Email

This week did go by pretty fast, so fast I probably won´t remember everything.. But this week was a little harder for us, especially yesterday! I think we ran into every atheist that lives in our area yesterday, and everyone else who just doesn´t want anything to do with us, it was a pretty intense rejection day..... we did so many contacts and got no where... I was really actually getting frustrated and thought I might strangle the next person who gave us a hard time. Luckily we decided to finish the day visiting a member and doing a reference activity.... it turned out to be a really nice experience... I felt the Spirit and actually used her restroom to offer a quick personal prayer.... walking home I don´t know what happened, I just felt so happy and content, even though the day was quite the hard one... the Spirit can really give you that peace of mind and help you feel just good. It was another Alma moment, speaking of him, I wish I could just show the people my truth, but I sin in my wish, I should be grateful for the opportunities God gives me and just do my best and never get disanimated!

And on the bright side! Shannon Gonzales has decided to get baptised!!! This saturday we will be having her baptism, I´m so happy for her and her Mom, they´ve progressed so much and it´s been so great to see their faith grow. I love it! I also got to help put in someones floor and mix cement! It was pretty fun! It was on divisions too with Elder Vega! Well that´s enough about me!

Snow.... I miss the snow, it´s been really wierd weather here lately, hot as fire! and the next day rainy and windy! But it´s all good, I like the change.

Anyhow, there´s probably more things I could say, but the times up and I can´t remember is all anyways, thanks so much for writing and the support and love! Luv ya tons!!! Be good! Read and pray!

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