Monday, December 27, 2010

Just after Michael's Phone call

Scott Hancock to Michael

It was really good to hear from you it was like you were next door. We video taped an hour of the phone call until the tape ran out. Can you guess what game we got by the video of Alana? thats right Kinect for the XBox 360. they have played it non-stop for at least 6 hours, good investment, keeps the girls in good shape or at least exercising, which they never get, I'm worn out! its lots of fun... So, I really don't know what else to ask other than do you know how much you weigh? and what type of exercise do you do or get? today was Perry's farewell, I have never heard him talk so much before! ha ha. Daniel & April sang "in the hollow of thy hand" and mom said the closing prayer they did good! Is it raining while its hot or mostly muggy hot! Please take care of yourself and your feet! And never worry about being a senior/teacher, just contact as many people as you can, challenge yourself to talk to anybody, anywhere, anytime, see what happens! Love Dad, Your Amazing. Sing on a street corner!!!! :D

Michael to Scott Hancock

Hey! Long time no chat! I actually have no idea what Kinect is.... but it looks like fun! I don´t know how much I weigh, I haven´t weighed myself since Rivera! But I think I´m going down a little, all the sweating seems to do that! My exercise usually consists of some stretching, some sit-ups and other ab workouts, some push-ups, and some rubber-band work outs. We had some bars we were lifting in Rivera, and here we just made some hand weights, we´ll see if they do something.... basically just that. YAY Jason! I´m excited for him! And congrats to the rest of the fam for the song and prayer! It was raining for a little bit, but not much lately, they´re actually going through a dry period they´re saying. So... it´s just hot.... with the sun big and bright, little clouds nothing more. But it´s all good! I usually already sing while walking down the street, I´ll just have to do it louder!
Anyways, thanks for todo! TTYL!

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