Sunday, December 5, 2010

29 Nov 2010

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! I made my own little feast, made me some mashed potatos and tried the brown gravy! with some bread, apple soda, and some sausage that Macy Hammond sent me in a b-day package! (I also got some paper and envelopes from her so I don´t need those anymore, but I still need stamps.) It was a nice little feast! And a lot to be thankful for! We had a good week, finding some good people that we will be happy to work with, we finally got something heading towards Fabiana Gonsales´s divorce of her husband and marriage, she´s so ready for baptism, and Shannon is doing awesome, we just shared with them about Family home eveneing and they are excited to start it!

It´s been really hot a few days down here... got up to 35 degrees celsius! We were sweating quite a bit, but we still worked, hopefully I´ll loose a few pounds in this heat! Ya, I´m having fun trying to spend my money wisely here, I´m actually doing pretty good, I have quite a bit left over for this month!

I just finished 1 Chronicles! That part in Ether is really nice for lessons we share with those who are not sure about baptism, but they read and pray and go to church.... we tell them that the Lord led the Jaredites to the ocean, and they stayed there for 4 years thinking it was nice, and they forgot to call on the Lord, but all this time he had a promised land much better waiting for them, they could´t stay there, even though they felt comfortable, they needed to cross the water to get to something better!
Well I´m glad all is well with everyone, thanks for everything, be good! It´s almost Christmas time! Luv ya tons!

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