Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Oh this has been a nice week! First of all, the Barrio that I´m in is called La Pedrera, on the street Luis Segui 2342, it´s on the corner of another street... can´t remember exactly what it´s called but part of it is Rosa. I don´t need anything desperately, well...I actually could use some socks, I´m not sure what happend, but mine are all rancid and I can´t get rid of the smell. I´ll send my camera card back when I get yours, it has some fun pics.
I can´t believe it´s school time again, that was the fastest summer (winter here) ever! Crazy how time goes by. Oh fun fact: President Eyring´s niece is now serving in our mission! How cool is that?!
God really does bless you for your efforts! You already know my last week was not so great, so we started off this last week with an area conference with our area pres, Pres. Arnold.... It was really amazing, talking about things we need to do new like kneeling in all our lessons, using silence and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also went on divisions again with Elder Rubio from Peru! He´s in his first change! but he already knows Spanish. He has a lot of energy too, we were walking fast, and he talks so fast, but we actually really had a lot of fun and I loved working with him. Anyhow, we shifted gears and worked hard, applying all the things we learned this last week and it paid off. I felt so good and happy this last week. And to top it off we have a baptism this Saturday!!!! :) :) :) Jessica! 17 year old girl with a 1 and a half year old son, she was living with a boyfriend, but with some help from the Spirit, and maybe a little from us... she made the decision to split up and be baptised!!! It was really a great experience! God does want you to be happy and is there for everyone!
That´s pretty much the biggest news! I´m actually back in Montevideo right now signing papers for residence with my original MTC group, it´s really cool to see them all again! But the 6 hour bus ride I could live without!
To finish up! I can´t encourage you enough to read! I love it so much and it will bless you if you really think about it and study it out and apply it! I just finished John and I´m in Acts 6, and In the Book of Mormon I´m reading about Christ´s coming! I love it all!
Thanks so much for the support and love! I love you all so much and I realize it more everyday as I become more an more familiar with the Gospel! Chau!

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