Monday, August 9, 2010

August 2, 2010

We got our changes last night! I´m finally leaving my area!!! I´m offically over a fourth of the way through my mission! I can´t believe it, I´ve been out over half a year, the time really is flying! I´ll be taking a bus tonight at midnight to go to my new area in Rivera! Right on the border of Brazil, I´ll probably pick up a little bit of Portuguese, not sure how to spell that, too! I also get my first Latino Comp! Elder Cespedes, not sure how you spell that name either! It´s actually a little sad to leave this area, I´ve come to know the people so well, the members, the investigators, the less actives even! I´ve only had one baptism, but I feel I´m leaving a few behind who I´ve had the chance to bring to the knowledge of the Gospel and work with for awhile and will probably get baptised this next change! To tell the truth, this last week was really long! and tiring! We actually had 11 investigators tell us they were coming to church..... we ended up with ZERO! it was really depressing! and we had the biggest rain storm so far, and it got really cold! But I have seen miracles this week too. Jennifer will get baptised soon too, I can feel it, and the Gomez family when they can get married!
In the pics, the little boy is Josue! Jennifer´s son! And yes! that was flan! Marvelous and delicious flan! My favorite dessert out here so far!! I think when I get home I would like B-day flan instead of B-day cake! And that was the Gomez family, I´m sending a better picture! And it´s not jello, we actually made them French toast with homemade syrup! delicious! I´m also sending some pics of other investigators, Jennifer, Lucia, Elizabeth, Gomez, Damien.... just a few of the awesome people I´ve been able to work with :) And a picture of me burning some socks with holes, I also burned a tie for my 1/2 year mark! YAHOOO!!!! Crazy how it flies!
Keep going on your studdies! I´m in the first few chapters of Alma in Spanish, and Alma 35 in English! I´ve also been reading some Bible stuff on the side! I can´t get enough! I love the scriptures more than ever! I´m finding so many ways to relate them too my life! Just reading about Alma! How he wishes he was an angel so he could get people to just believe! I can relate, we´ve had so many stubborn people and slammed doors this last week! I hate it cause they just don´t get it! They don´t realize what we´ve got to share! but we keep knocking to find those few who do! I love the people in the Book of Mormon, I find myself relating to Nephi and Alma and all the rest, I love it! It´s the word of God, don´t forget that! Anyhow, thanks for all the support, I can´t believe the summer break is almost over over there! crazy! keep reading and praying and sending me letters and emails! I love it! Loved the video too! Thanks a bunch, I love you tons!!!! Chau por ahora!
PS (can you check my facebook, I think some Uruguayans will be trying to add me as a friend!) you can let them, they already know I can´t write till after the mission, but they want to see some photos! Thanks abunch!

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