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August 23, 2010

Thanks for the tid-bits from Elder Shurtluff´s talk. It really is great. I´m really excited for him, for anyone that gets the chance to embark on this crazy journey :) serving the Lord! I actually read that talk not too long ago about the choosing missionaries experience, I really liked it. We actually read the Ensigns, here called Liahonas, evceryonce and awhile and I enjoy it. I really liked that scripture too! It´s really a good one, there´s one kind of like that in Jeremiah, but I think I like this one better! Thanks for sharing that too! And ya, 12 weeks would have driven me crazy! It was just being inside for so long!
I know an Elder from Park City!
That photo is the line between Uruguay and Brazil :) The Brazilian flag!
Anyhow, to make this short... This last week has actually been one of the most humbling and lesson learning weeks of my mission. I consider myself pretty obedient, doing my exercises, waking up and going to bed on time, always trying to read the scrips.... but I am so far from where I should be and I´ve never prayed more to have more faith and confidence before in my life. The week started out with divisions. My comp had to go to a training thing, the same thing Elder Peterson had to go to I´m pretty sure. So I was on divisions with Elder Lenthan. From the U.S. and that´s an example of a hard working missionary. Not perfect, none of us are, but in the theme of teaching well and working hard... he was a great example for me and it was really humbling to work with him. We worked a day and a half in his area in Tranqueras, about an hour away from Rivera. And then the next day and a half we worked in my area. It was really quite a wake up call... Elder Cespedes is a great guy, a fun comp... but he´s already trunky, talks about girls a lot, and likes to take his time, I don´t want to judge, it´s not my place... but just to see how I should be... it was really humbling... we got to help a member fix a shed that blew down, blistered my hands a little bit.. guess I just need to work more with them. And then I got us lost in my area trying to find lunch... and it just happened to be pooring! We didn´t have umbrellas or jackets and we were soaked to the bone! We ended up finding the house though in the end... but I admire him for his patience.. I probably would have punched myself.
One other quick experience... humbling as well. We had a lesson with a girl, Carmen, she´s a young mom of 3 kids. We´ve been teaching here for a little bit, and this last week we studdied a bit about the Holy Ghost, listening and fallowing, and just feeling the Spirit testify... During the lesson with Carmen, she broke down in the middle, just telling us all her feelings and everything that´s happened and how we were born in the Church but she wasn´t and she´s always tried to be good.... just everything through some tears.... I felt the impression to testify.... but unfortunately... I´m not even sure why... I kept my mouth shut... I don´t know if I just didn´t know what to say... I hesitated.. I haven´t felt that much guilt for such a long time. Still even now, I feel if i´d have testified, she would have come to church and even felt the Spirit really powerfully.... I really was upset with myself afterwards, and that night I said one of the longest prayers in a long time, asking God to forgive me for not following the Spirit´s impressions... I feel really bad and I´m sure it was my lesson to be learned. I never want to miss an opportunity like that again.
All in all.... I´m actually really grateful for this last week... it was really tough and really long. But I learned so much and I´m inspired to do better. Sometimes to experience the sweet.. we first have to experience the bitter... I know without a doubt that God wants me to be better and knows I can. I know I can. So this next week I´m gonna have to get to work. God´s teaching me lessons.
I´m glad you´re doing well, and I hope all continues well. Thanks for everything, the love and support.
Love you tons! Elder Hancock.

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