Monday, August 9, 2010

July 26, 2010

Nope.. just like root-beer, public restrooms, spicy food, and pet control, Pioneer day doesn´t exist here. But it sounds like you guys had fun! And the photos Dad sent were cool, and the video came through just fine! I loved it, a pretty sweet looking float! and the missionaries unfortunately don´t get to walk in parades here.... :( But it´s all good. We survive! It´s really fun to just chill, chit-chat and eat food. For P-day today we didn´t really have anything to do, so it´s just been a pretty relaxing day, we wrote some letters, cleaned the house a little bit, cooked some ´eggs in a hole` (which I actually haven´t had since the states!), and then we chilled at the church for a little bit, Elder Lockheart played a little piano, I swept some floors cause they were filthy!, then we just walked around looking for shoe-polish, ended up buying another jersey and a shirt, just cause they´re World Cup ones and won´t be around for too long. And now we´re writing emails! Just a chillax day! Love it!
Pretty much everyone walks to church, so ya, when the weather is bad, it´s hard to get people to come. Yesterday it actually rained too, but after church thank goodness! We had 3 investigators in church this week! Not the Gomez family, unfortunately, actually speaking of the Gomez family, we just found out that they´re not married last Tuesday! We thought they were, but they were actually just comitted, and Ivana actually smokes! I don´t know why she waited to come out with it just this last week, we´ve taught the Word of Wisdom already and all of that... they really do what to get baptised though and get married, and they´re gonna keep going to church, but the baptism is going to have to wait now.... I´ll probably leave the area before they get baptised... but that´s ok, they were actually really sad when I told them. But anyhow, we did get an older lady named Daisy to church, she´s really an interesting character, she´s a very touchy person, and she made my comp touch an old guys back.... ya, she´s been taking care of her father who was 98 years old I think, he died about 2 weeks ago, it´s sad and all, but I feel he needed to go, plus she can now come to church. We had a young girl in church, Micaela, we´ve been teaching her for awhile, we actually thought she was 8 so it would be a ward baptism, not a missionary baptism, but we just found out yesterday that she´s actually 9, it´s hard to teach her, because she´s so young, so last week I just brought paper and we drew God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and talked about them, we´re gonna teach her more like that from now on and get her baptised :) and finally we had Jenifer in church, we´ve been teaching her for awhile too! She´s 22, married, and has one kid! Josue! You can see him and her in my pictures :) That´s the highlight I guess of the week, as you can see in the pictures, we had a ward activity, just for investigators to come and members to get to know eachother better, it´s actually the first ward activity I´ve ever been to in the ward, pretty much just because we, the missionaries, got them to do it, hopefully it happens more often. But we only had about 8 members show, and then Jenifer, but I still really liked it. It´s actually kind of hard to explain the feeling... Just these last couple weeks, I feel we´ve worked better with the ward, got them a little more willing to help, we´ve been trying to bring members to lessons, and we´ve been bringing people to church after so many weeks of having no one, and then this activity. We brought treats and snacks, we watched Finding Faith in Christ, and talked, read a few scriptures, and that´s pretty much it, It was actually kind of funny, the first one there was Jenifer! and everyone else was late! But there was one moment I really liked, can´t really explain why... when we started the movie, Josue got a little noisy and cranky and so I offered to take him into the primary room so Jenifer could enjoy the movie with everyone else, don´t worrry, it was right across the hall and the doors were open, so I wasn´t breaking any rules, but I just remember sitting there, playing with Josue and the toys while everyone else was watching the movie and I just felt good... that´s about the best I can do to explain it. Having here watch, doing something with the ward and just helping her in whatever way I could to feel the Spirit so that hopefully one day she´ll get baptised. I pretty much was just beeming in that little primary room, just me and Josue. An extraordianary feeling! Anyhow... it´s been another week of challenges but also miracles.... good stuff :) I love it, I really hope everything is still rolling along smoothly over there, thanks for everything, (I didn´t get any letters this last week, but they told me I have some for tomorrow!) and I hope you get the camera card I sent, probably will be another week.
Anyhow! Love ya! Tons!

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