Friday, August 27, 2010

August 16, 2010

FA! Can´t believe school is starting up again, sooooo soon! That´s crazy, where does the time go!? It´s flying here too! Our week this week, not gonna lie, was really not all that great. Right now we only have a few investigators, and this last week we knocked so many doors trying to find new people but we got nothing! It was really sad! People can be really stubborn sometimes! They just don´t want to talk or change what churuch they´re going to.... it´s really just.... I don´t know... sad. It was also a really cold week with rain.... and sunday, yesterday... We had nobody in church, us, and the other pair of missionaries! NO ONE! We were all just kind of down that day... but, like always, God has a funny way of making you feel better whenever your down, last night before bed, about 10:15, Elder Lockheart called from Cerro to tell me that Jennifer is getting baptised this Saturday!!! I nearly jumped out of my seat I was so happy! I´m sad I won´t be able to be there for it, I had the privelege to find her with Elder Roney and teach her and prepare her for a few months and get to know here, and now....she´s getting BAPTISED!!!!!!! YAY!!!! She´s written me a letter and Elder Lockheart is going to send me some baptism pics! It´s really one of the greatest feelings! A good note to end on in a not so great week. God cares about all of us and always wants us to be happy... even with a phone call. We do though have a few good investigators, just need to get them to start taking these steps of faith.
I played soccer the other day with a bunch of guys in the area! I was the only gringo! and probably the worst player there! They were all really good, the kind of guys that play everyday, ages 16 to 60, I actually was the goal keeper for one of the games and got a nice ball to the face from a few feet away, my face actually went numb afterwards so I thought I was all good! But then I tasted some blood in my mouth... and then a lot more! Then everyone stopped playing, apparently my nose was gushing out blood! I´d wished I had my camera, my face was all muddy! and all bloody! pretty sweet! I went and layed down while they continued playing and dumped water on my face. It stopped and I played a little more... but it was just kind of ironic that the only guy who spoke english ended up with the bloody face.... oh well... at least I blocked the goal!
I can´t believe how fast the wedding is coming up too! That´s so sweet!
Congrats to Terry and Laura and the new baby! Looks good from the photos!
For P-days we play soccer with the group, we ate some pizza today, and I actually made strawberry flan the other day, it was delicious! I´m still getting fatter I think! But I´m working to keep it at bay, and I´ll loose a lot in the summer.......I hope!
I am getting along with my comp, and the other Elder´s, it´s pretty fun in a 4 Elder house. I attached some photos of them and the view from the front of our house, and a couple others. The comp eating is Elder Cespedes! We´re working, it´s just a little slow right now.
I´m reading I think more than ever right now, I´m now in Mark 10 in the New Testament and Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon, further in spanish too! I love it, it´s so fun to read the Joseph Smith translations too, see what was changed. Anyhow... that´s about all I can really think of right now.... We´re just moving forward and trying to do our best. My testimony is still growing more and more... and I´m also more and more grateful for how my life has turned out because of the Gospel the more I come to know the lives of these people. It´s amazing and humbling.
Thanks for the update, and the support, good luck with everything that´s coming up! I love ya tons! Te amo mucho!

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