Monday, August 9, 2010

July 12, 2010

We got to see the end of the game with a recent convert :) Oh.. sunday was a hard day proseliting though, because of the game and also it started raining really hard on and off and the clouds made it get dark really early... so no one let us in and we were wet, but Church was actually really good, the Gomez family came again and loved it and we showed them the font and talked some more about it and talking with the Bishop they decided to change, we´re baptising Herman and Ivana on the 25th and then he will recieve the priesthood and baptise his 2 oldest kids on the 1st! It´s gonna be pretty sweet! We actually made breakfast this last week with them, FRENCH TOAST!!!!! I haven´t had it since the States! and we made some homade buttermilk syrup! oh... so delicious! We also taught them about tithing using some of the skittles :) (ya, I got the package by the way, and everything was there, and it´s been really great! everyone loves the skittles, didn´t even know they had those) But ya, we did the thing the Bishop does, gave them all their 10 skittles and they had to give me back one! They loved it! Great family! We´re also prepping another young girl for baptism, she´s 8 years old so it´s a ward baptism, not a missionary one, but the family is less active and we´ve been teaching her and getting her ready, I actually really love teaching kids :) they listen!
Sounds like the sunday lesson went well then :) maybe I should find some glass... we are gonna do a lesson with glow sticks tomorrow :)
It´s actually really wierd, at the end of this month I´ll be 1/4 of the way done with my mission! Crazy! I feel the language is doing pretty good, but it still has a ways to go! Anyhow, still have a year and a half to go, so it´s all good. It´s sad that the Swenson´s are heading off though.
There are more letters coming so... yup :) I also got some letters from the young women :) I love getting letters!!! :) You should send some pics of the fam!
Anyway! All´s good for this week! Slower week, but we have a bunch of references and things to do next week, I´m pretty excited, and we have our first zone conference with the Heaton´s this week too! So we´re just gonna work hard and find some people! :) I hope it´s all good there! Love hearing from you guys! Love ya tons!!! Chau!

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