Monday, August 9, 2010

July 19, 2010

Well, we had 12 glow sticks and two plastic pieces that you stick the ends into to make a ball. So we had the two plastic pieces represent the Prophet and the Priesthood, then the 12 glow sticks were the apostles. And when you break them and let them glow, it´s like ´letting your light so shine`, the good works of the Church. So we had our completed ball, the Church. Then we took away one of the glow sticks and it didn´t change too much, but it was incomplete. Then we took away one of the key plastic pieces and the whole thing just falls apart. Then we put it back together talking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, showing that it was the same! and even today it´s still the same... ya, it was a pretty fun lesson :)
I love testimonies, especially here on the mission, I get to hear them everyday pretty much, including my own. Also watching other members, recent converts, and investigators, there testimonies grow, it´s awesome! I just wished all the investigators down here would realize that they need to work first, then they´ll feel it´s true.
I´m happy for Jamie! He´s always been an awesome guy! I think I´m going the oppositte of him though, I´m gaining weight, don´t think I really look much different, and I´m not gaining it really fast, but I am! Maybe I´ll be fat at the end of my mission...hmmmm.... :)
Well this last week was kind of sad... good! but sad... we have to push back the baptism of the Gomez family to August because they didn´t come to church this last week... as a matter of fact, none of our investigators came... we had 7 in total telling us they were going to come, we actually even went to go tell them and get them Sunday morning, but Sunday was a nasty day, it rained all the night before and all day, and it was really windy and cold..., plus it was Father´s day, don´t know why they had it so late this year. But everyone either didn´t answer their door, or told us they couldn´t go because of the weather... we even went to the Gomez´s and they said they´d come for Sacrament meeting..... but they didn´t show.. I´m guessing it was because of the weather too..... stupid weather... it pretty much rains every Sunday and I think it´s the Devil trying to disrupt the work, or God testing the faith of the investigators... it´s actually probably both. I don´t know... I know I´m not supposed to get myself down about it, but it´s depressing when you´re sitting in the front of the church and no one shows... but we did get to pass the Sacrament... I haven´t done that for a long time. And my companion got to give a talk, (so far I haven´t had to yet!) It was alright. This last week I also went on divisions with Elder Medina, a Latino! He actually knows a bit of English so it wasn´t too bad, we talked Spanglish the whole time, it was fun.... but we actually didn´t end up teaching any lessons... I don´t know if it´s because he didn´t have any planned or what... we just ended up at members houses... but oh well.. it was only for two days. We met the new pres and hermana at zone conference this last week, they´re workin on their Spanish, but they speek alright, kind of like me. They´re from Cedar City so I talked to them a little bit about the Shakespeare Festival....oh the memories! They seem really nice. That´s pretty much it... I´m still reading the Book of Mormon, In Spanish I´m just finishing Mosiah, and in English I´m in the middle of Alma...LOVE IT! We´re dealing with a lot of investigators right now who have learned most everything... they just lack the desire... it´s hard to see all these people who just don´t get it! These last couple of days too it seems like all the people we try to talk to and all the doors we knock, they just all say they have no interest whatsoever then leave, or shut the door in our faces... we actually only found one new investigator this week and it´s hard...I don´t think we´re lazy, we work, I mean you could always do better and we try to, but it just seems like no one wants to listen right now... They just don´t care, to put it simply. They just want to sit around and drink mate and live their life like there´s nothing more to it. We just keep praying and trying, plus being as cold as it´s been no one wants to talk with us... but oh well... we just keep trying. Sigamos luchando!
On a more happy note! I think I have muscles in my upper body! Yay for morning exercises! It´s amazing how many missionaries don´t even do them. It´s hard though when you wake up freezing and seeing your breathe! but I love it :) Oh, and I´m happy for Andra! Finally! It´s actually kind of weird looking at the pics, but really cool too!
The package was awesome! and all the candy actually lasted me till yesterday! Don´t worry, it would have lasted longer, but all the members and investigators really like to try candy from the States, I taught a few lessons with the candy and shared a lot of it, so it wasn´t just me :) Good stuff!
Well... this is a long email, I hope you all are doing great over there! Sounds like it´s been exciting, and there´s some stuff to look forward to.. like a wedding! So I feel happy for ya! Love it! Keep praying for us, that we can find those who are ready, keep reading too!
Love ya all tons! Chau!

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