Thursday, September 16, 2010

15 Sep 2010

Well we got our changes yesterday and....... I´m staying! And Elder Cespedes is still my comp! We´ve got a couple really good families to work with, but need to find more people, we´re pumped and ready to go for another change! I´m actually the first comp that Elder Cespedes has had for more than one change! he´s had 12 comps so far in the mission!
You´re reading fast! Andra is actually in that same part! I just finished and am reading in Ether, but chapter 9 in Mormon is one of my favorites, it´s blunt and strait to the point! And I´m starting 1 Timothy in the New Testament, I really like Paul... he was a good missionary! Lots of stuff about not buttering up the Gospel but telling people how it is, we are not here to gain favor of men, but of God. I love it all!
This last week we did more service, we sanded and painted a room of a member, it was actually pretty fun, and we finished pretty fast! We also had another youth activity, we did a treasure hunt and played kick ball, it was cool because two of our investigators came and actually participated! YAY!!! And we had a branch activity.... sadly not many people showed up to that, but the missionaries made a jeapordy game and it was really fun! We have had to drop a few investigators lately and it´s really sad, I hate doing it... but sometimes there´s just nothing more a missionary can do, they have to make the decision.... not really fun... but it´s life, everyone has to make the decision!
We actually cooked some yummy hashbrown creation stuff today! it was pretty tastey! Anyhow, That´s about it from the field for now! Te amo múcho! Chau!

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