Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to Mom & April, 29 Mar 2010

Dear Mommy & April (and everyone else :) but I'm responding to their letters)
Again, look forward to your letters. Yes I did get a letter from April a few days ago that she wrote March 2, and now this last letter I got from both you (Mom) and April, but there's no camera card in either... so ya, I don't know if it's just not come yet or what but I don't have it yet. They are keeping letters now till p-day, so even if it gets here sooner, I can't get it till Thursday, just so you know. Doesn't really matter much now anyways because I only have 1 Thursday left in the MTC! Crazy! I'm so ready to leave, yet I know I have so much more to learn. I think I just need the change. I can pretty much teach lessons 1-3, and parts of lesson 4, I can pretty much understand everything I read, but hearing it is a different story. If someone talks clearly, for the most part I can understand the point of what they're saying, and I can pretty much get my part across. I've definitely had help from the Lord and I must give him plenty of thanks. Without his help I'd be lost. I have so far to go still, but with trust and if I work hard, I'll get there. They say you learn a lot faster in the field, so that will definitely help.
I'd also like to say HAPPY B-DAY!!! last Saturday to Dad, and happy St. Patrick's Day. I haven't emailed yet today so I may repeat some of this stuff in the email. On Dad's b-day I was proselyting and I guess his present is to hear how blessed we were. It was a day of firsts while proselyting. First time we had a prayer with an investigator, first time we were invited inside to teach, and first time we actually taught lesson 3 (or at least part of it). It was really amazing, and we were really blessed. That was our 3rd t ime going to that same area, it changes this Saturday, but 1 of the investigators, Miguel, we had visited all 3 weeks and already both I and my companion felt love for this guy, it's amazing what love the gospel brings and how it can make you care for someone so much. It was really a good day. :)
I received a package from Amy and Trent today and loved it. Makes me so happy!
I love getting stuff, keeps my time going here. I'll love it in the field too, less than 2 weeks away, so get ready to start sending to the field.
I'm gonna stick some change in this envelope for the girls, just if they want to have some pesos. I hope it makes it alright :)
(It did!)
That's interesting about the earthquake, really neat that they were able to get the missionaries prepared. I hope it all turns out alright. Anyways, thanks again for the letters and the love, keep it comin :)
Hasta luego!
Elder Michael Hancock

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