Monday, April 12, 2010

Email April 12, 2010

I am getting settled just fine, Elder Roney is awesome! Right now I´m actually in the biggest part of the city, with the tallest buildings ect. Becuase this morning I actually had to go get a physical for Uruguay! They took my blood again, but I passed, after we got some Burger King to celebrate! Burger King! It was pretty sweet, anyhow I didn´t know we´d be seeing all the cool parts of the city today, so I don´t have my camera :( sorry. I´ll bring it next time and take more photos. We also saw the ashes of Artigas! He´s kind of like the George Washington of Uruguay.
I received 4 letters today! From you, April, The Birds, and Macy, so I´m pretty happy! I´m not sure how much time I´ll have to write letters though so I´m not sure when you´ll get more from me, I plan on sending the padded envelope back with the next card and something for April´s B-day, don´t everyone expect something for their B-day, I actually can´t even send packages through the pouch, only letters, so it´s expensive and I´m a poor boy! need my food! But I will email every P-day! Letters are harder to get written, we´ll see, I´ll try!
Our investigators are coming along, we have a lot of obstacles is the problem, no one´s ever home so some who could be progressing aren´t, we do have like 3 baptisms waiting for someone to move out of the house first, and some interested people we just need to help let go of the drogas! (drugs) But we try our hardest, I love visiting these people and sharing what I can in Spanish. I also had my first Sacrament meeting completely in Spanish and I actually loved it! It was fast sunday so they had their testimony meeting. I absolutely loved it and it just goes to show that the Spirit can speak to you no matter what the language. It was also a good reminder that we´re not alone out here. There are faithful members with strong testimonies and of course a Father in Heaven and our Savior..... never alone.
I did finish the crossword puzzel and the Jelly Beans were so good they´re actually gone now... I tried to pace myself and thought I actually did pretty good :) I did share though! Anyhow, I love hearing from you guys! I love being here! And I love the Gospel!

PS : Look up the song "Come See the Light" by Freddy Ashby and Jason Barney, It´s a really good song!
PSS : My house address is Carlos de la Vega 4739, next to the street Rodolfo Rincòn.

(We asked his house address so we could find him on our map of Uruguay)

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