Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to Fam - 29 Mar 2010

Dear Fam!
So I just finished my emails home. So you should know by now about this camera card and the situation. This card has pictures from the airport 2 months ago! And so me 3 weeks in of some of the older groups of North Americans. And some pictures from 6 weeks in, with a video. And another video of one of our teachers, Hermano Zanzi, reading a list of quotes we kept that he said. And then another video I just made before sending it off. Also included in this letter is two copies of our group photo! I want you to look and tell me who has the best posture! :) I'm happy to hear about the new cousin! I didn't know that was coming up so fast! AWESOME!!! Not sure if I could handle letters in Spanish yet... I could probably understand it, but replying would take a long time which I don't have, so later on... ya :)
Proselyting has been an amazing blessing, and I'm actually really excited that I get to do it everyday! I had 30 contacts this last Saturday which was really cool. I also met the nicest old lady, made me smile so much! She told us that she had seen other missionaries and people pass by, but no one had actually talked to her until us and she just lit up, I couldn't believe how much I could love someone I'd only just met. She was so sweet and grateful, and I can't wait till I go back this Saturday. I don't know why, but God blessed me and my companion greatly this last Saturday. Everyone seemed like they wanted to hear, we actually ran out of stuff to hand out for the first time. I love feeling the Spirit here, and I've never realized how important this gospel is, till now.
Answering some of Dad's questions in his letter: I haven't needed water purifier cups at the MTC, but I've heard we get them in the field, and they work for about a year! There's actually a lot of stuff that's still in the suitcases upstairs I just haven't needed to use, but I can already tell you I will definitely need new garments when I get home :) And I haven't had to use the cup :) I got my Spanish set of scriptures when I got here and have actually marked them up a bit, hard to read in Spanish though. I'm gonna try to mark the Spanish ones less than my English pair. Kind of like the W. Cleon Skousen way, but I just need to understand them first :) but it's getting easier! I also loved those marquis quotes too, pretty funny.
It is interesting, those people who just want to argue, and how important the Spirit really is, He can only carry the message to the heart (corazon), but the people have to let it in. (2 Ne 33:1) My companion and I have worked on getting through those people faster and we've been blessed for it :)
Well, I'd better wrap this up, gotta go study and play some frisbee :) In short, I've been really blessed. I actually, the other night, read my first scripture during a practice lesson, in Spanish, but it didn't feel like a foreign language. I actually understood it all, it was really a cool experience.
It was Moses 5:6 in case you wanted to know :)
Anyways I love you guys and your "apoyo" para me! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Michael Hancock
(aka arana-hombre)

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