Monday, April 5, 2010

Email from my new area

From: Michael Scott Hancock
Subject: Re: from Mom
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 17:31:10 -0300

It´s awesome here! I still can´t really understand everything people are saying, but I really like it here. We had a little bit of an adventure at the airport, our plane was actually delayed and then cancelled, luckily we were able to find another flight to get on several hours later, but we made it :) President Petersen and his Wife were at the airport waiting along with his two Assistant Elders. We got to go to the Mission home and had some delicious food with them. I also went to the temple, it´s a smaller temple, but very nice, I got a headset to listen to it in English :) Felt really good to go again, not sure when I´ll get to go next, but It was great. My companion is Elder Roney, he loves to ski, and other stuff too, he´s from Provo so that´s pretty cool. He can speak pretty well and understand pretty well too after 9 months, so it gives me some hope :) We got to our area, about 10-15 min. bus ride from the temple. Road in a taxi for the first time too :) We got to our small humble aboad, it´s not bad, I have some pictures I´ll send sometime. Got settled in just fine. And we got to work, he already has some families, he´s been in the same area for quite some time now so he knows where everything is pretty well. I´m trying to teach these lessons, it´s fun, but frustrating some times when I can´t understand, but I need the pacience, it´s coming, slowly but surely. It´s weird to be out when it´s dark, never got to do that at the MTC, kind of nice to get to be out all day instead of inside all the time. We got to watch conference in English, thank goodness, in a room in the back of the Church, our sessions were actually at 1pm and 5pm, we missed priesthood sadly because it started at 9pm. But I loved Conference, so much focus on the family, on parents, on the Book of Mormon, really really good. I haven´t finished the cross word yet, but hopefully i can finish it later today becuase those jelly beans really look good. It´s fun trying to maintain a balanced diet out here by the way, love my cereal :) The address for mailing is going to change soon, no one´s sure when, but I´ll get you the new address as soon as I can, also Mother´s day is at the end of this change I beleive, so look forward to a call on mother´s day, when it gets closer I´ll let you know a specific time. It´s definitely way different out here than in the MTC, a lot of responsibility is given, there´s no one to tell you how to behave ect. but I´m trying my best to study and do what I need. Smoking and drugs is probably the number one main problem I am seeing right now, the people are really nice, and we have a couple people ready to get baptised, they just need to quit their drugs. Anyways, I´ll get our actual house address for next time so I can let you know exactly where we are. Like I said before, my P-day is on Mondays, I get to email and write letters, I actually send the letters and receive letters on tuesday though at our district meeting. And I actually do need to send my letters in Envelopes, you guys don´t have to, but I do, just to let you know. So much has seemed to happen this week, but not much is coming to mind. We ride busses a lot, have to pick up some food about every 2-3 days, eating crackers and cereal and some fruits so far, but we get fed by some members some better stuff, lunch is actually the big meal here, not dinner. Mate is very popular, everyone is drinking it down here, uh.. everyone smokes... Lots of dogs still... We played a lot of soccer today for P-day with the zone, I´m not as bad as I thought, definitely not very good, but not bad, I made a goal or two Anyways, I hope your Easter was really good and fun, it was great here, will be even better when I get to eat some of those jelly beans, but it´s still been good :) I think next time I´ll be able to send a couple more photos with the email, still figuring everything out, learning how to budget my money too. Thanks for keeping in touch, I love you all! Be good!

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 2:17 PM, wrote:
Elder Hancock,

Hooray! We got your email! You will be a good "first greenie" for your companion! That's great! It's like Elder Josh Petersen. He was out about 9 months and just got his first greenie.
Hope you had a good Easter and General conference sunday. Did you get to listen in English? Was it broadcast live? So were you listening at the same time we were, or was it time delayed?

I will keep this short and I am writing a letter to you right now. April wants to email you too before you get back on.

We did get your camera card! We loved the pics and the videos!!!!!!!! We will send the card back to you with a few pics of the fam on it that you can just delete after you look at them.

Can't wait to hear all about the house and area you are in. Going to go find you on the map right now!!!!

Love you tons!

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