Monday, April 5, 2010


Dear Elder Hancock: Your going to like this funny story: This is the famous count down jar of your return home (don't get trunky. Each day the one who prays over the food gets to take out and eat one candy ball. We have been very methodical on maintaining this rhythm.... until Grandma Hancock showed up.... I was hurrying to get dressed and help her get some photos fixed. She was waiting at the table (eyeing this jar of candy)... When I came out, I was excited to tell her about our count down jar for Michael, I told her we have one candy for each day of your mission in the jar, she looked up slowly and sheepishly while bringing up four fingers to indicate how many she had ate out of the jar, while waiting for me and even then she had to recount, realizing she ate one of each color, so it was actually 5 candies she ate. Hence the note Alana wrote "Do'nt touch tell Thurs. Sorry Dad, Mom, Andra, and Daniel" Bwa Ha ha :)
Love Dad :)
P.S. we still love Grandma, she is so cute!!!!

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