Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Letter from Uruguay 12 Apr 2010

Hola! Como andan? Todo Bien?
This is my first letter from Uruguay! I just finished emailing you so you should be sort of up to date. I have a little bit of time to write so... that's what I'm doing. It's my second P-day in the field. We played some "futbol" last time and volleyball, kind of. We use a soccer ball and we can only use our feet and head if ya want. It's pretty intense :) We also started a game where everyone lives up at one end of the cultural hall and one person kicks a soccer ball from the other end, and if they hit someone, they get to kick again :) If they miss, they go line up with the others! Sounds like fun, huh?!
Well I got a letter from Mom, April, the Birds and Macy today! So I'm feelin pretty loved :) plus all the emails were really cool!
In Mom's letter there was a bit about Dad's stones... How's that going? At least he hasn't had to have surgery yet. One Elder's Dad had some removed surgically awhile ago because they were just too big to pass. I'm gonna be praying too! The are answered! Most, if not all, of the lessons we've been giving thismpast week have a lot to do with prayer. I've never testified or even talked about prayer so much... and I definitely haven't prayed this much ever before, but it's needed, and it helps :) and prayers are answered, yo testifico!
So, the two big soccer teams here are Nacional and Penirol. I think I've decided to root for Nacional, their colors are red, white, and blue :) I'm sure Aunt Amy would root for them too! Which team are you all gonna root for?
Anyways...Oh, the boxes of Sugus are for April. They're her b-day present! But she can share if she wants to :) They're some of my favorite candies here, but they're pricey and I don't really have that much money. So don't expect something for everyone's b-day. I can't send packages through pouch system so it won't really happen often, but I have envelope so I thought I'd do it this time, with the camera card as well...
Anyhow, that's about all for now. I love it here for the most part. I'm learning the language, slowly but surely, I love the people, and I'm teaching the Gospel :) Love you all, hope everythings well :)

Love, Elder Michael Hancock

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