Monday, April 19, 2010

Email April 20, 2010

Well this week has been a fun week! We actually had McDonalds today! The week started off pretty nice, I went on my first divisions! Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Delta, and area about 45 min bus ride from my current area and I joined up with Elder Nelson, companion of our district leader who went to my area with Elder Roney. It was an interesting division, their area first of all is out by the campo (country) not like our area in the city, there was part that actually looked like a semi-tropical forest area... pretty cool. Another weird thing was that Elder Nelson is only in his 3rd change! and I´ve only been here for 2 weeks, so it was two jr companions together for 2 days! Pretty crazy! He has a larger vocab than me, but he´s still learning. I was actually complimented on my accent, an old lady couldn´t understand him, but could understand me! it was pretty neat! I didn´t think I was learning much HA HA! But we survived and did the best we could. It also was the start of some pretty intense rain storms! Luckily Elder Nelson had an extra jacket at their house. Also on divisions, I don´t know what it was, but it was like we got all of the toughest situations that day! like they planned it for divisions, we had good lessons, but we also had a woman try to return her book of mormon becuase here husband and children are all atheists and wanted nothing to do with it and won´t let us come by anymore, we had a woman who wanted to know how the Gospel could help her help her prostitute sister and drug addicted kids! We had another lady who just couldn´t grasp the picture, more of a factual person, we had one of their best investigators drop us over the phone, and none of our contacts actually let us teach them... it was a bit of a trying time, but it was a good experience for me, to just experience a different area, companion, style of teaching, and also helped me practice my Spanish, so it wasn´t all bad. And we got ice-cream :) The next day we had a pretty intense storm, I actually broke out mick´s coat, scarf, gloves, beenie, umbrella, the whole get-up! There were miniature rivers running down all the streets! Very fun to proselite in :) Still no baptisms, we have one man with a date, Alberto, he´s come to church the last two weeks and hopefully we can get him baptised and maybe some others the beginning of May! We also had a couple other tough days this last week. Some of those days where all of the appointments fall through and no one lets you in.... and a lot of walking! But each time, we always get at least one really good lesson in at the end of the day it seems, just goes to show if you keep working and don´t get discouraged, God always helps you out. I also got to share my experience of how I gained my testimony for the first time with an investigator, it was really neat and I hope I get to do it a lot more! And amazingly enough it was in Spanish! Ha!
So here´s the new mailing address! Don´t remember if I gave it to you already...
Agraciada 2893 #401
Montevideo, Uruguay 11.600
So the other night we had an FHE with some inactive members and we made pancakes for them and it was delicious!!! Reminded me of home, pancakes...... Delicious! And today we were gonna go to the zoo for P-day! but it was closed, so we went bowling, but I didn´t want to spend the money, so I watched and studdied, still had fun, walked through a mall... saw all the posters for new movies... fun stuff! Anyhow, I miss Doc´s Pizza, mostly root-beer actually! There´s no root-beer!!! When I come home you guys will have to buy me some root-beer :)
I actually don´t know how long the Montevideo temple has been here, awhile though. It´s really nice, smaller, but real nice! I can´t wait to here how the plays are, both of them! I love once on this island, how come they didn´t do that one when I went there? Anyways, tell Daniel to tell Mr. Smith and everyone that I´m wishing them good luck!! And congrats on your sprouts, seems like ariel´s working on the Garden too! Anyways, love to here from you! about all the fun things going on! But I gotta go for now! Be good! Love you tons! Chow!

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