Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did the middle 3 weeks go by the fastest?

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 8:57 PM, Laurie Hancock wrote:

Dear Elder Hancock,

So, was it true what they said? Did the middle 3 weeks go by the fastest? You are going to be finished with the MTC and out to your mission before you know it!

Exciting! Do you know for sure when you leave the MTC? Will it be before General Conference the first weekend in April?

How did the appointment go on Saturday? Did the MTC get their next batch of greenies?

Did you get the camera card yet? I sent it in a regular envelope with a letter from April.

Went to the temple this morning and did sealings. There was a young man there also doing sealings who just got back from a mission to Bolivia and Peru. Another sister doing sealings is also related to Dad through Levi Ward Hancock. Small world!

I gave the FHE lesson Monday on being a peacemaker. I asked everyone who is good example of a peacemaker? I expected to get Jesus as an answer and I did, but not before you were mentioned! You will be happy to know that you are thought of a peacemaker in our home :) and that you got top billing along with the Savior!
That quality probably makes you a great District Leader! Keep up the good work!

Always remember we love you! and of course, your Heavenly Father loves you!!!!!

Love, MOM


From: Michael Scott Hancock
Subject: Re: from Mom
Date: Thu 03/11/10 12:12 PM

The 3 middle weeks went by real fast actually, the older elders are gone now, it was a little sad to see them go cause we´ve known them for 6 weeks now, but there out working now and soon it will be our turn. They told us the next two weeks will still go by fast, but the last week is really slow. I´ve felt at times that I just want to get out in the field and get to work, but it´s nice to have 3 more weeks to practice because I still can´t really speak the language. I can teach well and usually get my point across....ok.. sometimes, and I can read and usually understand what I read and sometimes what I hear, but speaking regularly won´t come till a bit of time in the field, but I´m patient and happy with where I´m at :) We leave the 30th, the Tuesday right before April, we´ll be at the mission home the rest of tuesday and wednesday, and we leave for our first area that thursday, April fools day! Not sure what will happen with conference, probably I´ll get to hear it in Spanish.
This last Saturday was a lesson learner and a blessing too. Our ceita (appointment) fell through, Juan Carlos said he was too busy, but he had been reading he said and we´re stopping back by this saturday to check, we also ran into another man, Miguel, whom we had met the week before as well and he too was reading, he also didn´t have much time at the moment, but he said he´d go to church the week after next... not sure if he will, but who knows? We had a couple other really good contacts one of them actually spoke 11 years worth of English! lucky us!! And we taught him partly in Spanish and in English all of lesson 1 and gave him a Book of Mormon, he seemed really interested and we were lucky to find him, we´re not sure if his home is in our area or one of the other companion´s areas, so we´re all gonna try to find it this Saturday and visit with him, his name´s Enrique. We had another opportunity to give out a BOM to Eziquiel, not sure if that´s the spelling, we taught him lesson 1 as well, all in Spanish this time. He seemed like he needed it, never broke eye contact... pretty cool. So lots of good contacts and some fun stuff in store for this Saturday, however, we did have our first "Bible bash" technically... and it was frustrating. It was a lady who was Christain... but didn´t really have a religion.. confusing, she had a little bit of English, not nearly as much as Enrique, so the conversation with her was another half and halfer.... she basically just tried to preach to us, neither of us got heated, but she was just so set in her way, she believed in God and Christ, but not that Christ also became a God, or that we can become God´s, she also didn´t believe in the pre earth life, and every scripture we gave her she just interpreted it so differently, we spent more time there than we should have cause there was just no convincing her, but at the end she basically bore her testimony to us and it was interesting cause you could feel something... weather she had really felt the Spirit in her life before or not we don´t know, however I bore my testimony of how I came to know the Gospel was true right after and the feeling was 10 times stronger and more powerful, what she took from it we don´t know, she said she´d pray for us and we told her we´d pray for her and left it at that. It´s was good for us to go through one of those so early on just to know what to expect and it actually increased our testimony. I know this church is true and nothing could ever convince me otherwise.
I just was handed another letter from you guys so I´ll try to reply to it later, doesn´t feel like the one with the card so hopefully I get that one later :) I have some pictures, can´t send any over email, but when I do get the card in the mail I´ll send the one I do have, it has a few pictures and a couple film clips too :)
I´m glad to hear that I´m being thought of at home :) peacemaker.... hmmm.. that´s cool :)
I got your package and you don´t know how happy it´s made me :) and I´m not eating it all real fast, I´ve been holding myself back, Thanks so much though! nice to have some American candy!
I also realized Dad´s B-day is coming up HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How old are you gonna be?! I´ll be out proseliting on your b-day so I´ll be sure to work extra hard!
Anyhow, I better end this, it´s pretty long. I was released as District leader, 6 weeks is up, now my companion is actually the new District leader for the last 3 weeks, pretty funny, oh, did I mention my companion´s B-day is November 6th as well? There´s a fun tid-bit :) anyhow, thanks for keepin me in touch! I love my family sooooooo much! Keep pressing on!
Love Elder Hancock

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