Thursday, March 25, 2010

Email March 25, 2010

Crazy!!! 5 more days!! We actually leave the MTC Tuesday at 4:30 in the morning!!! ugh! But I´ll just be excited to leave and get out. Don´t get me wrong, it´s been great here, but it´s time for a change, and I feel in order to progress with the language better and faster I need to be out there using it all the time, even though it´s gonna be dificult. I´m to the point where it only takes me about 15 min to learn how to teach another principle and be able to teach it decently, it´s pretty cool. Still have a hard time understanding people, especially those who don´t pronounce their words, especially the S´s, but I´ll get used to it eventually :)
I actually got both of the camera cards today! I don´t know why the first one took so long to get here, but I do have both of them, I haven´t written my letter today yet, but I am gonna send the one card back, take pictures this weekend with one of the new ones, and have that in case the first one doesn´t make it, so let´s just hope it does :) then I have a 3rd one for back-up! Thanks for the letters again by the way, I love them so much! And I did get my package from Aunt Amy and I loved IT! I sent them a letter!
Anyhow, empañadas are really good! We actually have them a lot here at the MTC! With chicken or beef and all sorts of delicious things inside! Make sure you eat them with your fingers, because that´s the propper way to do it!
Well in a quick summary, on Dad´s B-day we had a day of firsts for proseliting, our first time teaching lesson 3, to a guy we had actually had taught the two weeks before, our first prayer with an investigator, and our first time being invited in! very cool!
This las saturday was really cool too! Me and my companion had 30 contacts! 11 lessons, and we have a few ceitas for this next saturday, we´re really excited to head back to the area this week!, anyways I need to get off, but I get a chance to email Monday before I leave the MTC so... until then! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

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