Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letter to parents 8 Mar 2010

Dear Parents:
Hola! This letter is a reply to both your letters. I got 3 this week all on Tuesday the 2nd, but I guess you sent them at different times. Anyhow I love getting them. Right now I'm over halfway finished here at the MTC... Crazy! We leave for the mission home on Tuesday the 30th, and we get to our first area the following Thursday. I'm actually gonna be really excited to get out of here, but it's a little scary too. It's gonna be hard out there that first while... oh well, we press on. Still have a few weeks left here though, though I still know I won't know enough... I am learning... just a lot to learn. They say you'll learn to talk out in the field... but it will be a crazy first few weeks, even months, but we press on. I actually have only 8 envelopes left and about 22 pieces of stationary left, it should last me till the end of the MTC experience, but if you could send some more after that would be cool. Anyhow, it's nice here. The language is the only thing that really is stressing. The food is good, the people are awesome, it's great. This last week or 2 were hard though because everyone was getting sick. I was only a little sick for a couple of days, but nothing bad. This week everyone's been getting better though so it's all good :) I actually got to give a blessing, (well at least the oil part) to Presidente George! It was awesome to be able to use my priesthood in such a way. I'm sorry to hear about both Grandmas though... That's not fun at all, tell them I'm sorry and I'll pray for them. The mosquitoes seem to come and go. It rains on and off so that's probably why. The Deet works pretty well though, no problem. proseliting I've done twice now for 7 hours and this last time we were really blessed. We only had 11 contacts, but 10 of them were full lessons! We handed out 2 Book of Mormons, and we have an appointment for this Saturday! It was awesome! Amazing how we, with no skill speaking Spanish, were able to teach these people by power of the Spirit. There were 2 lessons especially that were really powerful. One with a girl named Tela and one with a man Juan Carlos whom we have the appointment with this Saturday. It's awesome! :)
Oh, just the frogs were squished. Probably just live near by, get flooded out, and run over by cars... ya. I can't believe April's that old! A Young Woman! Wow! and Dad's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, 1st b-day I'll miss in the field, but I'm sure it will be great. I look forward to some packages too :)
I don't get chased by dogs, sometimes followed, but not chased... barked at too. Congrats to the soon to be newlyweds! That's come up pretty fast. I can't believe Daniel's had the time to finish Ghost Recon with how busy he's been, and congrats to you too Dad for keepin with it. I haven't seen any snow yet... sorry:) I'm surviving here, I worry too much still, but the Spirit keeps me in check. And I can't believe Ariel has glasses! Ha... that's different. "Loves Labors Lost" is hilarious, you'll love it :) I think the individual features of my face more resemble dad, but the face structure is more like Mom's... if that makes sense.
Well thanks for writing :) Keep in touch, I've got under 4 weeks left here, then I'm in the big world! Love you tons!
-Elder Michael Hancock-

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