Monday, March 29, 2010

Last email from Argentina 29 Mar 2010 (photos)

My companion while at the MTC.
Hey, I got an opportunity to say hi before we leave in the morning and upload just a few pics, I probably won´t be able to upload more pics after, this is a rare opportunity, I actually just don´t know much about the mission yet, but I´ll learn this next week and I´ll let you know the details. I already sent the first camera card with some photos and other stuff so hopefully that will get to you soon, I haven´t gotten a letter though from Ariel yet, so It might be too late.
I get to watch conference in the field, hopefully an English version, but I don´t know. So we had our last sunday in the MTC a fast sunday as well, it was really good to hear everyone´s testimonies right before we leave.
Saturday in a nut shell, was like a roller coaster, we had some really good contacts, but also our worst ones so far. People who told us there was no way to know, we can only believe, people who said they just didn´t have time for religion, just didn´t care, and we had one man who was so far down the wrong path it was horrible listening to the crap (forgive my language) that he said, but on the brightside it made me realize how lucky we are to have this Gospel and how important it is to never give up cause there are people who a ready to hear, we just have to find them amongst everyone else. I did get to revisit a nice older lady and share some scriptures with her and give her a Book of Mormon. Also had a cool moment where my companion and I started teaching the first lesson to a few kids, the oldest about 14 or 15, and by the time we were finished there were actually about 10 kids who were all there listening to us. It was very neat, and kids actually listen and don´t fight back! :)
I´m excited for Johnny (Harr), comin up fast!
I still need an alarm clock, unfortunately. We might get a filtered bottle there, I´ll let you know all the details when I find out. Oh and we are taking about a 30 min. plane ride. Fun Fun!
Anyways, I´m waiting for my camera battery to charge so I might be able to send just a couple photos and then I´ll just send the camera card with the rest later on through the mail. I´m pretty excited to leave... a little nervous, but It´ll be fine, just not sure what to expect, I can´t believe it´s already been 2 months.. In the moment it goes by really slow, but when looking back it´s pretty fast. But I have confidence and I´m just happy to get out and teach, I think I don´t like staying in doors so much, so it will be nice to get out :) I won´t worry about not receiving letters, I´ll survive somehow :)
K, I didn´t have time to reduce the size, so I´m only posting three pics but you´ll get the rest through the mail.
These were taken this last sunday, one is just me and my companion, Elder Nielson, One´s our district with Presidente George, and the last one is of the temple, under construction, but I thought you´d want to see :) So there´s a tast of the life so far... now I´m just waiting for them to upload, probably won´t have this much time on the computer again.... so it´s kinda weird to just be sitting here not knowing exactly what to do. I´ve been studying a lot about trials, or "pruebas" as they say here, which is also is the word for test. And that´s exactly what trials are, tests. I spent sunday searching for scriptures about facing trials, enduring them, and why we have them, it was really nice, I wrote them all down on a piece of paper that I will keep in my scriptures when needed. Maybe if I have time I can send them in a letter and you guys can read them for FHE or something. Reading really slowly I can basically understand my scrips in Spanish, looking up words here and there, it´s pretty neat. Still really hard, but neat. It will definitely take a few months to get used to in the field, but it will come :)
I guess I can also take this opportunity to say how greatful I am for all that you do, my whole family, but you Mom, too, specifically... I always think of you when I read about the Stripling Warriors, rehearsing what their mothers taught them, they did not doubt, there mothers knew it... Really special, the verse says "mothers" 3 times, definitely not by mistake. Thanks for being a great Mom. Supportive and loving. And I sent Dad a letter in the mail the other day that says some more stuff, so don´t think I left him out, great Dad, great example of hard work. I love my family :) Oh, another fun tid-bit, you can let Mick know that I´ve worn his tie for every proseliting day so far for good-luck :) works pretty well :)
Well the pics are already done so I´m gonna wrap it up, I´m pretty much just babbling on anyways, I don´t know when I get to write home next, but I´ll be sure to give you all the details when I do.
Very last thing! I´d think writing home would make someone "trunky", but it´s actually kind of cool, I find when I get these opportunities to write some experiences, it actually boosts my confidence and makes me actually feel better. Kind of cool :)
That´s it! The pics are done! I´ll check back whenever I get the chance! ¡Hasta luego!

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