Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did the Earth move!

Dear Elder Hancock (An email short)

So did you feel the whole continent move 1" in your area? That's what the geologist said, and that it moved 10' (feet) on the other side of the fault line toward the ocean in Chile. hmmm, you must be dizzy! All is well in this Zion... How are you? and how's your companion? Language? etc.? Be good, :) Send photos!!!

Love Dad!

I actually didn´t feel any movement over here, sorry. But that´s interesting. Life´s good over here, I can understand Spanish a little more everyday, I can read pretty well in Spanish and understand most all of it, just hard to speak it. I can teach some lessons though :) I´ll learn faster in the field though. And my companion is good, awesome companion and we work pretty well with eachother. I can´t send pics over the web, not enough time. Plus we can only take pics every 3 weeks.... so only twice so far, but I´ll send the card later on through mail.

Love Elder Hancock :)

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