Thursday, March 4, 2010

email 4 Mar 2010

It´s kinda sad, the new missionaries know a lot of Spanish, well a few of them, already coming in and it makes me wish I knew more before, but I´ll survive and be just fine. I already kinda feel like I want to get out of here though, yet I don´t want to because I want to learn more Spanish first, but they say you learn faster in the field, but the first few weeks or month is really frustrating.... but you push on. I´m still glad I have a few more weeks to go here. Ya everyone´s getting pouches of sweets here, it´s not breaking rules, only if it´s an acutal box package i think. I do only have 8 envelopes left and about 22 pieces of stationary, which I should be enough for the rest of the MTC, but if you could send some more maybe later, that would be nice :) I´m also sad to say my alarm clock fell and stopped working... I guess if you wanted to send me a new one in the field you could... I´m really sad about it, it worked well, anyhow... Sugus are delicious, we only get to buy them, or anything for that matter, when out proseliting, cause that´s the only time we´re actually out. But they´re a chewy fruit flavored candy, kind of like the fruity mentos and skittles combined. The only real candy I´ve had for awhile :) I´m actually switching to a new account so I´ll send you the new address when I get it. And April is too young to be going to Jr. High yet! I actually really love that same chapter in Helaman, not for the famine, but because Nephi is so faithful that he can ask for anything because God knows he will only ask for good things... really neat. Speaking about the Gospel.. I had my second 7 hour proseliting experience last saturday and it was amazing! We only had 11 contacts, but 10 of them were pretty much full lessons! We even have one appointment for this Saturday. And we handed out 2 Book of Mormons. I can´t believe we can go out knowing hardly any Spanish, and still be able to share this Gospel with these people, they can still feel the Spirit, it´s definitely God teaching through us, it just felt so amazing, one girl, Tela, acctually had tears in her eyes, and another man, Juan Carlos, the man we have the appointment with saturday, I could tell he felt something as well, it was a very personal lesson, very cool! Just thought I´d share that. This is 2 teenage boys who never knew Spanish, been here learning for only a month, and we could still share this Gospel and Spirit with God´s help. It´s an obra maravillosa (marvelous work). Thanks for keeping in touch, and for your prayers, continue praying for me and I´m always praying for you! Love you tons! Till next week :

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