Monday, March 29, 2010

Correspondence between Dad & Elder Hancock

Dear Elder Michael Scott Hancock
So it's getting closer to leaving and going into the mission field, for the field is white all ready to harvest. Anyway, the last couple of days Friday and Saturday were pretty busy. On Saturday I stayed to wait for one of Daniels friends who had a group of prom goers. But right in the middle of when he should've been there, he calls Daniel to tells him that he decided that he wasn't going to go. Well, mom and I waited for them to no avail. Anyway Landon Young came in with his prom date he was pretty funny, and then Daniels group got there around 8 0'clock just a few hours later!! Daniel was pretty clever in pulling off a Spiderman spoof by hanging upside down on the rope in the studio and ask his date for the Spiderman upside down kiss, Ha ha, clever boy! But his date had VL [virgin lips] so she gave him one on the cheek instead (Good Girl!!) Anyway just a little tidbit. Hope all is well and that you're ready for your big move! We are still praying for you! And for your future investigators that they'll be ready for you when you get there.
Keep on tract'n! I love you! Love dad :-)

Post Script: I'll send you some pictures in the next letter of Daniels prom.

Michael's answer...

I can´t believe it´s prom already, I actually can´t believe it´s been two months already. In the moment it seems like it´s taking forever, but when looking back it seems like it´s going fast! Pretty weird, these next couple weeks, starting with the move tomorrow, are gonna be crazy getting used to everything, but It´ll be fine. Still don´t really know Spanish, but I´m learning :) I sent you a letter the other day, I don´t think it´s gone out yet so you probably won´t get it for awhile, but it was something I felt impressed to share, so you can look forward to that, it´s addressed specifically to you. I also sent the card and some other pics so you´ll get those. As for Daniel, he takes after his older brother ha!

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