Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter to Fam - 25 Feb 2010

Hola! Como esta?
I love getting your letters :) Helps me every week! This letter is a reply to Mom's she sent the 13th, I got it on the 23, not too bad. So as of today I'm already 1/24 of the way done with my mission, weird to think about it in that way. I'm glad to hear the Studio is being taken care of, I hope everything's looking up over there. Things are better here. I still worry myself with the language every now and then, but I am learning stuff and I can handle it much better now. I'm being blessed by God, he's answering my prayers. I'm quite used to it here now too.
Daniel told me about his play before I left, that it was weird and all. I know this is late, but good luck to him! You can tell Daniel to tell Mr. Smith I say "Hi" :)
That's so cool Tyler and Joseph are back, and soon Jamie Pyne will be back, and so on... you'll have to let me know how many Elders are hanging on the wall before me and count them down. :) Can't believe they're already back, that must've been a good Sacrament meeting.
Sounds like you had an exciting week, any week with Pride & Prejudice I guess :) I'm not really missing movies or TV much yet... We get to watch a church movie every Sunday, that's always fun. I do catch myself a lot singing or humming a song I used to listen to and I have to tell myself to stop, but it's not bad. I don't even miss Ghost Recon or Spider Man as much as I thought :) ha! ha! But when I do come home in 23 months, make sure you have some root-beer for me when you pick me up :) ha! ha!
We do go proseliting every Saturday here, 1st 2 weeks for 2 hours, the rest for 7 hours. So I've been out for 7 hours once already, and I actually really liked it, even though I can't speak really. It was nice to get out and see how blessed we were even though we couldn't speak much spanish. Even handed out a Book of Mormon! I'm actually looking forward to this Saturday :)
As District Leader I get to assign hymns and prayers and thoughts for all the classes, but I decided to just make a chart! I have meetings with the President to talk about our districts, assign cleaning responsibilities, keep track of goals, lead some of the bigger meetings...uh... and try to maintain order :) and whatever else I'm asked to do. Oh! and I do get a cellphone every Saturday during proseliting :)
Thanks so much for your prayers! Keep them going. I definitely have felt better recently and it's no doubt because of prayer and My Father in Heaven (Padre Celestial). Keep sending letters! I'll let you know when I need more envelopes or papers if I can't get any here, and stamps! I look forward to reading your emails! Can't believe it's already been a month! I love you all so so so much! Be strong!
-Elder Michael Hancock-

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