Monday, August 29, 2011

Email 29 Aug 2011

This last week was kind of difficult, all our investigators had problems with meeting with us so we didn´t really get to see any of them this last week! And we didn´t find any new people.... but on the flip-side! Marcelo has quit smoking and now has a date to get baptised the 10!!!!!!!! I´m so happy for him, they´re getting married on the 5th! He really wants to get baptised! The first wedding I went to I wasn´t a witness, I just was invited and took photos for them, this one i actually am a witness! neat!

I filled out a form, my trunky papers, is what they´re called, and I´m going home the 2 of Feb! I assume no one´s coming here right? Oh, I went on my first divisions as a district leader with Elder Pace! He´s taller than I am and from New York, a really cool guy! He´s a really good missionary and a good guy in general! I had to set the example and all, but he´s probably a better missionary than me! :)

Wow... so the other night we were visiting members and we were talking and eating some tortas fritas! And it just so happens, that right when when everyone quits talking and it´s silent for a moment, I passed gas!.......oh, and I made a face so everyone knew it was me! We had a pretty good laugh though so it all turned out fine in the end. I actually haven´t laughed so hard in awhile!

We also made quesadillas with a less active family too, they turned out really tastey, but I didn´t get any photos, and this computer is not reading my camera so there will be no photos today.

Tomorrow we´re going to talk about faith and using it to find people in our district meeting! It´s super important, to know that God is preparing people to receive the Gospel, we just have to find them and have the courage to talk to everyone! and share our testimonies with everyone! following the guidance of the Spirit of course! Our whole district and even zone is having a hard time finding new people.

Oh, we had our zone conference last week, and it was all! And another trunky thought, next zone conference is my last one! we do it every other change! that´s crazy! I´ll be giving my final testimony like all the older missionaries who are leaving! scary!
Well, I think that about does it, Sorry again that there are no photos, but probably next time. Thanks for the update and for all the love and support like always! Luv ya tons! Chau!

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