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Email 1 Aug 2011

This week´s been a long week.... but we survived, I spent this week with a really bad stomache ache that is just now winding down, I really don´t know what caused it, but it was no fun! Didn´t give me much sleep either! But on a brighter note! We have two investigators that want to get baptised, Marcelo has a date for the 13, he just has to quit smoking, but he has the desires and member that is really helping him out! the other is Estela who actually has a son on a mission but doesn´t know much about the church and never was a member herself, she wants to get baptised, just has to get married first! Her grandchild just had a tumor removed from his eye! they had to go to Buenos Aires to do the operation, she was so nervous, they were praying so much and us too! And the operation went through perfectly! They were so happy and their testimonies grew!

Today we played some soccer! just with the district, it was pretty sweet! I made a few goals, not to brag or anything :)
Anyhow, Oh ya! I finished Jesus the Christ! It´s such a good read! How are the studdies going over there? I hope well! Scripture trivia: who was the last prophet on earth to hold the Priesthood sealing power before Christ? From who did Moses get the Priesthood? Who baptised Adam? enjoy!
The photos! Uruguay Champions!!!, The baptism!, the dance!, A face made of mandarins!, I don´t remember what else I put.... oh well!
Thanks for everything! Luv ya tons! Chau!

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 4:25 PM, wrote:
Hola! Elder Hancock!

Hurray for the baptism! And that is awesome about Uruguay winning the world cup!!!!! We were not able to follow it this year because we don't get the cable channels anymore. We just get the basic main TV channels.

Did you get your package yet? You should be getting it any time now.

I have been spoiled this week. Andra got me some capris and shirts for my birthday at a Maurice's splurge party. Then she and Ariel took me out for a pedicure (I now have bright blue sparkly toenails), and for some Cold Stone ice cream! Yum! Today, everyone is coming over for a fondue party. I will have some steak and chicken that we can fondue in hot oil, Ariel is bringing veggies and bread for cheese fondue, and Andra is bringing her chocolate fountain! Happy birthday to me! You have an extra good week this week! No better gift than the gift of the gospel!

Sandy, who used to work at our studio, is not there anymore. She found another job because we could not afford to keep her on. It's been interesting getting used to being at the studio more. Now it is just Dad and I there trying to run things. The economy is just not getting any better. We will keep on keeping on. Sometimes, I wish the Millenium will just hurry and get here. But there is still so much to be done!

Oh, Dad took pics of the Major family. Dallin Major is going to the Tacoma, Washington mission, and Jessica Major is going to New York North, spanish speaking mission. I think they went into the MTC on the same day. All of you are out doing some great work. Keep it up! Hopefully you will get to plan more ward parties, and get the members more involved getting some investigators there! I hope you got a video clip of your dancing! I'd love to see it!

Love you tons!!!!!


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