Monday, August 8, 2011

Email 8 Aug 2011

Well... I was feeling better! I´ve been riding a physical roller-coaster it seems like! Turns out I was pretty much constipated! FUN! and it was causing me pains in the stomache, so I started drinking more water and eating a lot of fiber! Which helped things ´run´ a little better! Too much as a matter of fact, it all left me within the same couple hours. This day we just so happened to go to the hospital to give a blessing to an investigator of some other Elder´s (because the hospital is in our area) the only public bathrooms were on the other side of the building, so we crossed a few times, someone actually had to ask us what we were doing, because we can´t wander around the hospital, after we explained my situation she uderstood and actually gave me some more tips! I´m sick of hearing different ways of curing constipation! Anyhow, after it all left I was fine.... a day or two, now I think I´ve got a virus, maybe a fever of some sort with the head aches, the chills, and muscle aches..... oh it´s gotta be a test or something.... oh well... life still goes on! Marcelo we actually haven´t seen all week, he hasn´t made it to any appointment we´ve set and didn´t make it to church, from what Susana tells me he still wants to get baptised, but after they get married.... we were supposed to go with them this morning to get a date ready... but they didn´t show, guess we´ll find out later what happened. Estela is doing good, she has all of the lessons now and has accepted it, but she´s still in the process of asking the Lord about marriage with her man. But she has a good testimony. Ya, I haven´t seen a new card yet.... I don´t know what happened, the one I´m using has pictures from maybe 5 months or more ago...
Hey, thanks a lot for finding out about the schooling.... It´s just now been crossing my mind... this change or the next I get what´s called the ´Trunky papers´ , if someone needs to leave early or change something they have to fill it out in the papers... But I don´t really know what to do, I want to talk with the President about it, If I left early it would probably be between Christmas and New Years and I don´t even know if that´s possible, the benefit would be catching the winter semester, but it might even be good to just work and start with a summer semester.... I really don´t know. Oh well, I´ve got a little while to ponder it.
I´m glad you liked the questions, just little things that come up in studdies that are interesting! I got Elijah as well, according to the Bible Dictionary, as for the Nephites, that´s a good question, we know they had temples, and according to Helaman 10:7 Nephi was given power that what he sealed on earth would be sealed in heaven! Good Job! Jethro is correct, it´s found in D&C as well! (I also did not know he had another name) As for the last question, that is the same scripture I read for the answer as well, and I personally say it was the Holy Ghost becuase it´s kind of like Alma the Elder when he was baptised, he took someone and after the Holy Ghost rested upon them they both went down into the water and then came back up and after Alma only put down the other person he was baptising.... interesting... I thought you needed a body to do a baptism though... more interesting.
Ok a couple more questions then! A little more difficult (maybe not you´re smart) How was Adam´s physical body created? Where is the Garden of Eden located? And how was Cain´s race saved through the flood? Interesting, Suerte!
Well, having finished Jesus the Christ, I´ve been studying the soul questions from the book of mormon and other things from the scriptures, with a little bit of bible dictionary as well. It´s amazing how much stuff you can keep on learning! I´ve also been studying up a bit on how science and the Gospel go together, it´s fascinating, we´ve talked with a few of the sciencey people lately, It´s amazing that all they say... still could prove that God exists.. they just don´t understand it all. It´s kind of like Albert Eisntein, he said "The more I study science, the more convinced I am that God exists!" Cool!
The Christus is actually in the church building here! They also have a replica of the plates and other little models, and the shovel the prophet used in the groundbreaking of the Montevideo Temple! And yes that is the mission President! These other photos are of a cool graveyard in our area ( did you know that here in Uruguay after 2 years they dig the dead bodies back up and put the bones into concrete boxes? que raro!) A view of the coast, also in our area, and believe it or not the building is an elementary school... It looks more like a prison!
Anyhow, thanks for everything, love and support! and all that stuff! Hope all is well! Hasta luego!!!

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