Sunday, August 28, 2011

Email 22 Aug 2011

Hey! What´s up! How´s the week been?! We had a pretty good week! We found some new people that seem like they will progress pretty well! My comp and I are getting along just well! He´s a really fun guy! A couple less-active members came back to the church for the first time 2 sundays ago and just this last sunday they brought two friends who´ve never been to the church before! It was a little miracle, we´ve got an appointment set up to visit them! Also, I am a marriage witness! I signed as a witness for Marcelo so he and Susana can get married and then baptised! The lady who was working there said that they always accept the missionaries! Awesome! The district leader stuff is going well, it´s pretty fun! Had my first district meeting last week another tomorrow! wahoo!
Hey, another fun question! During the apostacy the priesthood was taken from the earth, right? But what about John and the 3 Nephites? It´s a question that has come from investigators before!
So that´s about it for now, not much more! Oh, the photos! I took a picture with Courage, the cowardly dog! I´m sure Daniel will appreciate that one! And a photo of a pretty special fountain in our area!
Thanks for everything! Luv ya tons I hope all is well! Chau!

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