Monday, October 10, 2011

Email 10 Oct 2011

I´m glad you got to meet Elder George! I think I had more fun with him than any other comp! He´s a really cool guy, I´m glad to hear you got his info too! Nice! And the gifts! Just to let you know, I bought the little jersey before I heard that Ariel and Mick had already gotten one! So it was my idea! Vamos arriba Peñerol! I´m excited for the package, fun little detail, Elder Goeckeritz has his birthday on the 8th! so we´ll be celebrating together! Cool stuff! Well right now the whole city of Montevideo is just partying it up! with their 200 year anniversary of being a country! There are stages set up all around the city and bands playing on them all, it´s really cool, but we´re not gonna get much work done unfortunately. But it´s still really cool some of the stuff they are doing! Other news! Silvia has a date for the 22 of this month! She came to church yesterday and really liked it! The young women leaders really liked it too becuase she´s pretty much the only young woman in the ward right now! And we´re working with Marcelo again! He fasted and we fasted for his smoking problem, he´s got a plan to follow and we´re going to help him out and hopefully get him baptised, I really want to see him make it! The training is actually pretty fun! We´re getting along really well and working hard! Anyhow, got some cool photos of the ocean and the new comp and stuff, I hope you enjoy! It´s been a good week! Thanks for everything! Luv ya tons! PS yummy steak!

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  1. sorry to ask but can you repost his mailing address?