Sunday, August 21, 2011

Email 16 Aug 2011

Well, after a week of being constipated and another week of diarrea, I´m finally passing my food normally again, oh but it was bad, turns out that it was bacteria, I was having nothing but liquid and mucus in my stool! But I took a three day medication that the mission nurse gave me, and I´m finally normalized! YAY!!! Well it´s is change day again, I´m now starting my 13th change! 13 out of 16!!! YIKES!!! I´m staying here in the city, but I´m getting a new comp, Elder Telle from Mexico, he´s got the same time as Elder Garcia, and I´ll be District Leader... I don´t really have desires to be District leader, but I´m sure it will be fun! Also, Today I went to the temple for the first time in over a year and 4 months! It was really great to go through and do a session again, but honestly...It made me trunky! I didn´t want to leave the building and enter into the cruel world again, and I just thought about how nice it will be to go through with the family again! and it made me trunky, but give me until tomorrow and I´ll get over it, I think!
I can´t believe school is already starting up again! Oh, I´m out of stamps! I don´t know what happened, they all went and I didn´t even realize I was out! So I´ll need some more, and unless someone else lets me use some, I won´t be able to reply for a little while.
Fun questions huh?! You know, we´re all made up of inteligences and the same substance as everything else, but something cool, to be made from the dust means to be born! In Moses 6:59 it explains that were born of water (like being in the womb), blood (like a mother sheds in birth process), and the spirit (enters our body in the process), Brigham Young taught that Adam was born from parents just like you and me and was placed on the earth in the garden. Interesting, it´s also all a symbol, we must spiritually be born again as well through the water (baptism by imersion) Blood (the blood of Christ) and the Spirit (received by the laying on of hands) cool stuff!
In the Pearl of great Price it talks about Ham´s wife Egyptus! You got it right! Egyptus literally means ´forbidden´! Her daughter´s name is also Egyptus and she settles Egypt, her first son being the first king, his name was Pharaoe (not sure how that´s spelt) And you found the location of the Garden no problem!
From what I understand, the flood came from a rushing of great waters from the north and the south! not just rain, and these waters rushed in and divided the one giant land mass, seperating Noah from the Americas! Because he floated from where the Americas were and when the water level dropped landed in Asia!
I´d love to write more but there´s no more time! Gotta run, I´ll think of some more questions for the next email! Lots of cool stuff to be learned! Thanks for everything, I attached photos of the temple trip today, a FHE, and something else I forgot! Oh ya, my poop pills!
Luv ya tons, thanks for everything! Hasta Luego!

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