Saturday, February 13, 2010

Letter to Andra


Good to hear from the fam. Letters seem like Christmas presents, it's so cool! I got this letter yesterday on Sabado 6th of Feb. 2010. So it took just under a week and a half. I tell ya the first week here was tough! Definitely a humbling week. I think I'm just barely understanding how Spanish works. It was neat to hear what was going on after you got home. I actually hadn't started missing Lucky yet until reading the letter. Treat him good. Currently it's Sunday, I love Sundays cause Spanish and everything's done in English :) I'm just sitting on the floor of my room, what could be a 6 person room, but my companion and I get it all to ourselves for now. The CCM, as called in Spanish, can hold up to about 80 missionaries, currently there are about 30-35 over half of them are Latinos, but that's ok. The Latinos leave every 3 weeks while us non-Spanish speakers are here 9 weeks. But I'm not complaining. The food here is actually really good. I eat the same cereals, but the milk does come from a pouch or box, still tastes good. I've had chicken-fried steak twice now, once w/ an egg on top, and BBQ steak once, that was good :)


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