Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letter to Dad

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:36 PM, Michael Hancock wrote: That is really interesting. (letter from dad below) I hope I can talk to the people out here better soon so I can help them, except they´re all Catholic down here, not Baptist... but oh well. I´ve been proseliting twice now, only for two hours each, but it´s crazy... can´t understand much, but that´s how it will be for a few months. I get to go every week for 7 hours from here on out though, starting this saturday. That´s gonna be even more crazy. I don´t see an email from mom this time so ... i´ll write a little more on this one. The mosquitos finally appeared out of no where, no problem with them at all until this last saturday, now they´re everywhere and i don´t like them! But oh well, proseliting last Saturday we saw a bunch of squished frogs on the street, a parrot, a buch of huge ugly looking dogs, and every once in awhile a cat. We almost gave away our first Book of Mormon... but the teens we were teaching had to catch their bus. We were disappointed, but we learned we need to cut to the chase faster. We´ll do better next time :) today the new group of North Americans and Latinos arrived, they seem like some nice people. Well.... keep writing me, i´ll end this one a little short, my bathroom use in general has changed a lot. We used to have our room all to ourself, my companion and I, but today we got 2 Latino roomates so i´ll let you know next week how that´s going. I´ll finish up with my Sunday experience, it was a good Valentines day. Basically I´ve never felt closer to my Savior ever before in my life. The whole sunday seemed to be based around the Savior and his Atonement and after some fabulous talks and videos I was hit big time, i can´t exactly describe the feeling, just a lot of clarity and peace.... i could picture him in my mind... it was amazing. I love those experiences i get here, i always look forward to sunday because it´s pretty much all in English, and it´s always so spiritual. I´ll finish now though, i´m glad to here you got my letter, seems they only take about a week, it´s pretty nice. I think of you guys a lot and am praying for you like you are for me, i really appreciate it. I love you all so much. Chow for now!

(This was the letter sent to him so you would understand the response)

Dear Elder Hancock

I really enjoyed your letter to the family with all the details of your schedule. Mom posted it to your blog. We hope that we got the spelling correct on the Spanish part. Well another little story one of a photographer friends of mine on facebook had a friend from the Micronesia Islands. (There's like a hundred different Islands in the area just above Australia) anyhow, he wanted to become my friends so I thought I would look at his his photos on this page and saw he was really into family and and the Gospel. He's 19 years old. He looks much older. We've had a lot of little petty conversations about the economy, how big the island is one (420 mi.²), how many sisters and brothers he has. He told me that he never had a dad growing up and so he wanted to know if I could be his adopted dad, all this after looking at my facebook page and seeing all of our family pictures etc. the only thing I told him was "I'm here". Later on I find out that he is studying to be a pasture, priest or evangelist, I'm not sure what they call them, in the Baptist church there. It has been interesting, our conversations have been, where he always talked about hell and damnation. I said I tend to not spend so much time on the Hell & damnation and work toward serving my fellow man and then Hell & damnation will be far from me. (He agreed.) Also I try to forget myself and turn my will over to the Lord and serve Him. (He said to hmmm) Anyway it is interesting. He's still going to school. I'm not sure of its college are just an extension of the 12th grade. He knows pretty good written English, but he gets a few words mixed up or doesn't use all the words. And once in awhile he slips in some Islands slang and I have to ask him what that is. Anyway we will see where the conversation takes us, I'm pretty sure he knows I'm a Mormon, I think because of all the pictures of the temple and my info
on my facebook page and all that latter-day Saint oriented pages I'm fans of. You are amazing! the Gospel and our church is true! Anyway this is getting too long you need to get to your e-mailing yourself.

Love Dad

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