Thursday, February 11, 2010

Email February 11, 2010

I´m trying to reply to everyone, but you get the bulk. The proselyting was a big eye opener. It made me realize how little Spanish i actually know, but it was a really good learning experience. The first week was really long and hard and so i was frustrated, but this second week has gone by a bit faster and i am realizing that i am learning more spanish than i thought, so when we go proselyting again this Saturday i´ll be able to say more. thanks for all the prayers and good vibes! I´m jealous, i won´t be able to go to the temple at all in the MTC so go extra for me. i think we´ll be able to go once a month or every two months in the field depending on the president, our mission actually gets a new president sometime in July, so who knows what will happen. i´m also district leader now... yay! and already it´s proving to be an interesting challenge, i have received several of your letters already and have replied, the one from the sisters, the valentines day one, and the one from april and dad, i sent the one to the sisters awhile ago and sent one to you dad and April today and it has more info on stuff so look for that. I hope daniel’s play goes well, i miss theater but don´t have much time to think about it so it´s ok. Macy also sent me a letter through Dear Missionary, but i don´t have here address so if you could let her know somehow through facebook or something, i could write here. I love the letters and usually have time to reply on p-day and usually sunday so know that. Thank you again for your prayers and look for my letters. thanks for the scripture too, I love you all.

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