Thursday, February 25, 2010

email February 25, 2010

Yay!!!! I´m happy you wrote me, i knew something was up. Funny thing about the greenies is that they all took spanish in high school and probably know as much as i do, yikes! but i am learning more and it´s making more and more sense each day. I´ve been able to handle it ok due to lots of prayer and optomism :) God is blessing me. Just need to press on! I´ve technically finished 1/24th of my mission! I´ve been out a month already! crazy! I´m pretty much used to everything now. It will be strange going out into the field though. The 7 hour proseliting was acually really fun! even though we i can´t really communicate, it was still fun. We were blessed, God really does put people in your path. We even gave away a Book of Mormon!! it was cool! I´m excited to go out again, even though i can´t speak or understand much, if i work as hard as i can, I know God will bless me! I do have a sweet tooth though, haven´t had candy for awhile, they have something called sugus that some of the elders have purchased while out, i may need to get some, they´re so good! I´ve seen several pouches, other elders have received some delicious goodies. They´ve been about a sheet of paper size the 8x11 sort of size, as long as it´s not a package, like a box, it´s fine :) We actually don´t take pictures here much, only every 3 weeks so i may not need to send home a card till in the field, or maybe the last several days here or so. Anyways, i love hearing from you, emails and letters are so fun, but i´m running out of time! so until next week, be good! I love you all so much!!! :)

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  1. Sooooo i got the blog address from your dad and i just wanted you to know how proud i am of you and your decision to serve. if there's one thing i've learned from college it's that good people can make sad decisions (i know i should be learning more but :P). i'm so happy to have good friends like you in my life who are willing to do what's right. thanks for being awesome and i'd love to get emails and such! happy mission!!! hope to hear from you soon, loves,
    Jess C Wallace