Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter to Mom

Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 19:31:28 +0000

Wow, so i´ve alot to say but i only have 30 min. on the computer every thursday, that´s our p day, and i acctually only have 13 min. now because i spent the first half reading all the wonderful emails. i´ll try to answer as many questions as i can and you can forward it to everyone. I am on the verge of tears as i read all of these, they just make me so happy, especially since this last week has been one of the longest and hardest, yet most blesses weeks of my life. For the first time i´m actually excited to go to bed early, figure that one out, at the end of each day my brain hurts so bad, spanish is moi deficil (very difficult), there are times where i just hate the fact that i don´t know anything. the mtc here is very small, my companion is actually Elder Neilson, he´s a good guy, needs a little more motivation, but a good down to earth kind of guy. i think more than half this mtc is latinos, some know english pretty well, others don´t. all my teachers are latin and know english pretty well, but need help with a word here and there. I will be here about 9 weeks, so i´ll get out in the field probably end of march or beginning of April. The latinos that already know spanish go out every 3 weeks. new elders come in every 3 weeks so there´s the greenies, us, the 3 weekers now on week 4, and the 6 weekers now on week 7 who will leave in two more weeks. A few Americans in each. It´s cool to see the progression each group has, some of the elders in my district know a lot of spanish already that they´ve learned from school and it´s a little depressing to me some times. It´s the only thing that´s driving me crazy right now and it´s driving me very crazy, so please keep me in your prayers and ask God to help me learn this language, please. I ask it every night, but God already has helped me in many ways, but i have a long way to go, only 3 min. left so i´ll just say i love you all, i love the food here and the people. i´m sure i´ll learn spanish eventually, oh and i get to go proseliting this saturday! yikes!!! pray for me please. I know God is there and is strengthening my testimony daily, thank everyone for me for their wonderful emails, i´m sorry i don´t have more time, i love my family so much, until next thursday then, i must say goodbye.

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  1. Michael's keyboard is different in Argentina and so we get odd typing and wrapping. but it make for interesting reading.