Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 Jan 2011 Email

We had permission to stay out until 10:30, so we had dinner with our branch president, stuffed myself too much and thought I´d die, but we actually went to bed at about 11pm, but we were awakened by all the fireworks anyways, but shortly after I fell asleep again. New Years day we met with some of the other missionaries in Colonia, including the senior couple, I don´t know if I told you there´s a senior couple in Colonia, anyways, they whipped up some hamburgers and other good foods, and we played some games like Rage, and Jenga, then some volleyball and futbol! It was a really fun P-day and just really tranquil.
I am actually happy that the holliday stuff is all ended, hopefully the people will have less excuses now to reject us :)

We gave Dani a date for the 8th, and he accepted, but in our next visit after the New Year he said he needed more time. They went to visit some really good friends for new years and apparently they got in a fight... they didn´t tell us, but we´re guessing that it had something to do with the decision to get baptised and all, he is down to 4 ciggaretts, but he says he needs time to calm himself and asked us to please be patient with him... we told him that´s fine, we´re good with patience. We shared D&C 121:7-8, talking about how these trials will be but a small moment.... shared some personal experiences and it was a good lesson.

Our fast and testimony meeting was the shortest fast and testimony meeting ever, it was the first time for me to end church early because there was no one left to give their testimony.... all 10 of us bore our testimony and there was still half an hour left... so we just ended early. But it was still a good lesson.

We just got back from Montevideo today, we went to missionary training thing, the same one I went to before, but my comp hadn´t been and there were odd numbers so I got to go again, it was actually really great to here it all again, and I got to talk with the Pres about some problems with my comp.... he´s a good guy, but he just doesn´t really care about following the rules, I´ve just been feeling really down and guilty lately because I know that a lot of time has been waisted and abunch of other things, but I don´t want to dwell on that, after talking with the pres.... poor pres, he had to send a missionary home the other day for breaking rules and just has to deal with a lot, but he´s a great man and full of the Spirit and love, a great example for me. After talking with him, I´ve just gotta try and push my comp, but be patient as well, he told me I won´t be with him long, but I´ve just got to do the best I can to get him to work while I´m still his comp, he´s pretty aware of everything, and apparently it´s a big problem in our mission, lots of missionaries who are waisting time and don´t want to work. But we´re going to try our best to change that.

I´m happy to hear about Elder Erickson and how he´s doing in Paradise!

Anyway, gotta to wrap it up for now, thanks for all! Send some pics from the hollidays! Luv ya tons! Keep reading and pray always! Chau!

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