Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10, 2011 E mail

Well, to start off, the pictures are of me and my bud Luciano! At his B'day party!, a bat that decided to visit us!, the zone, and then me having a sleep over at Pres. Heaton´s house!!! We got to spend the night there during the training! It was the first time so far in the mission I´ve felt carpet under my bare'feet!
Dani is doing great! Satan is really working hard against him, his wife´s daughter was caught cheating on her husband recently, so they´ve been dealing with that, and his job has been really brutal, he raises pigs to be slaughtered! But he still keeps the faith! He´s quit smoking as of yesterday and is getting baptised the 15th! We are really happy for him!
I gave my 2nd talk in the mission. I talked on forgiveness, because it is really needed here. From what I´ve gathered... Rosario has suffered a bit. They used to have about 150 members back in the day, then they changed buildings and presidents and things just went down hill.... alot of missionaries have been here that just baptised what they could, many people who didn´t have testimonies and weren´t ready.... so they all fell away, either because they were offended... or they just think they´ve done enough and they are too lazy! We had a pretty intense lesson with an inactive lady and her daughter... basically they just didn´t like things that were going on in the church and left, after going to the temple and having lots of callings.... just don´t want to go anymore. Made the mistake of thinking they´ve done enough and think they are going to the Celestial Kingdom igual....... I don´t think anyone can say it for themselves.... it´s just sad... that´s the long story short. We won´t be visiting them again sadly cause it´s just wasting our time unfortunately. Rosario is just full of upset inactives that never had testimonies.... never really understood. I sit and look out the upstairs window sometimes and think 'oh Rosario'! It´s quite difficult here... Colonia in general is a harder area, but I know God is blessing me and working with me and when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold..... I hope.
My comp and I talked.... he basically told me that he knows he´s not following the rules and he´s just upset about how the mission is ran....
Anyhow, I actually had written a lot more, but the computer froze or something and I had to change and lost everything, so I´ll have to finish up next time!
Not all of the photos loaded either!
Luv ya tons, be good!

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