Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Jan 2011 Email

I´ve actually already got quite a few photos on this card. I don´t have the camera with me right now, so I can´t send the photos of the BAPTISM we just had! You can call it a miracle if you want! I think it is! Danny got baptised January 15 (my lucky number) by Elder Hancock, and confirmed the following day by Elder Sanhueza! What a great journey it has been to come to Rosario and work with him and his recently baptised wife. They really have great faith and testimonies, they study the scriptures together and really just want to have the love that Christ has and taught. The water was cold! But we didn´t feel it... just the Spirit!

Apart from that I´ve had a few experiences this last week, too many to tell all but a prayer that was one of the most spiritual I´ve ever had, many little experiences that have taught me about charity and little acts of love, lessons of forgiveness and service and the importance of the plan of Salvation and another Investigator, Karen, has accepted to be baptised, so hopefully that will happen a little later on in the future!

I´m reading now in Jeremiah 30, and I´ve been going through Ensigns like tissue paper! It´s great stuff!

Oh, and we got our changes last night and I´m leaving already! I´m going to Dolores 1 in the Zone of Mercedes! And my new comp will be Elder George, I don´t really know him, but I hear he´s a fun guy! I hope he has a desire to obey as well! Danny is now working on getting the Priesthood and hopefully going to the temple with his wife and the branch in February! And In a year from now when they go to the temple to be married, I´ll still be in the mission, and maybe I´ll get to go, it would be an amazing way to finish off the mission! Oh.... good stuff!

Sounds like a good new bishopric! Awesome, here we just have the branch pres and one councellor!

Well... that´s about all I can think of right now, even though a lot of things happened... Sadly I didn´t really get to say goodbye to everyone in Rosario cause I got kind of a late notice and had to pack and leave first thing.... but they will always be in my memories!
Anyhow, that does it for now, love hearing from ya! Luv ya tons! Luv the Gospel! Chau!

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