Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan 2011 Email

First of all, my camera just died, so no photos this week either!

Well I´m lovin it here in Dolores so far! My new comp is Elder George from Utah as well! Provo area! And he´s a lot more obedient and hard working than the last comp so I´m really excited to work with him! Just in the last few days we´ve done more work and had more lessons than 2 weeks of work with my last comp!

Also, I´m in an actual ward again! Not just a branch! I haven´t been in a ward since Cerro! And we actually have a ward mission leader!! I haven´t had one since Cerro as well, but the difference is, this one actually does stuff! I had my first correlation meeting with the mission leader ever in my one year, the first one!!! The ward is great, the Bishop, it´s big! We had about 70-80 members in church!!! We did divisions with some of the priesthood leaders already! Great stuff! I´m excited! We also cleaned up the house really good and redid the map with the pin system.... good stuff! We actually share the ward with another pair of elders too, but different houses. Anyhow, I´m a lot happier, working more, it´s just awesome! A really good zone with people that are just more humble nice and wanting to work.

I did wake up my first morning with 65 mosquito bites though... I´ve been using bug spray since! This last sacrament meeting was one of the best I´ve been to... not sure exactly why, but just the new larger ward, atmosphere, being new to the area I shared my testimony with everyone and then two of the other elders actually had talks and the mission leader. gooooooooood stuff! Ya........ this week I hit half way!.................loco...............demasiado rapido!

I'm still in Jeremiah. He´s actually a really cool prophet, never knew much about him before.... he was always obedient to the command of the Lord, even when he knew it wouldn´t turn out all that great for himself, he still trusted in the Lord!

Anyhow, I´m just excited for the new change and the work! That´s pretty much it for now! Be good! Send me photos! Keep reading and praying with real intent!
Chau! Te amo mucho!

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