Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Feb 2011 Email

It has been a good week! Really long, but really quick at the same time! I wish I could have been at the court of honor.... but I´m where I need to be! I´m proud of my bro..... his chops are lookin a little too unruly though :) ha ha! Sounds like quite the process!

Anyhow, the package did come today!!! Thanks a bunch, I really miss those little fruity candies! and good cereal from the states!

I´m sure a lot has happened this last week, but I´ll just share the best parts, besides a parrot pooping on me! Our saturday was quite the tough day..... it was one of the hottest days, if not ´the´ hottest day I´ve had out here, everything we had fell through, we also were fasting and low on energy! and we were getting rejected quite hard...... we actually had to take a breather at the house and we made a cake for an Hermana in the ward that was having her cupleaños! That we booked it out delivered the cake and continued the day, hot and sweaty we were having a hard time finding the drive, but we continued.... and as we reached the end of the day the little miracles started! So Carlos and Rosa (the 2 that went to church) told us that they would be out of town for quite a long time. Somehow, after getting kicked out of a lesson with a less active member because she had to cook!, we just happened to pass by Rosa´s daughter heading home from work, we asked about the trip and found out they didn´t go! So.... last lesson of the day, we ran by! Somehow we were able to swing by a member and got her to acompany us! Which is easier said than done! And we got to the house, and it just so happened that they invited a friend, someone who had been contacted earlier by missionaries, but they never found her in her house! So we had a very nice lesson with them all and the member about a great many things! The Restoration, Prophets, Relief Society, the Liahona, geneology, fasting and more! It was great! and the greater miracle! ALL three of them made it to church the next day! Carlos has a date for the 19, and I hope soon the others will have one as well! Oh.. it just goes to show you that God does bless us for the work we do... first comes the test of our faith and endurance, then comes the miracles and blessings! This is God´s work, even when sometimes it is hard to see, it is his work and he does bless us when we work and strive and perseverar hasta el fin! I love this church and it does bless lives for those who accept and embrace it.

And yes, the time does fly! An Hermana yesterday told me that 10 (now 11) days have already gone by since my 1 year mark! Oh, it flies!
Thanks for everything, the package again! and I hope all is well over there! Luv ya tons and I´m grateful for the love and support! Keep reading, praying, renewing your covenants, and perseverar hasta el fin!

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