Sunday, December 4, 2011

Email 28 Nov 2011

We actually are feeling better! And then I got a stye in my eye! (see photo) it´s really quite annoying! I´m going on day 4 with it, but it´s getting better luckily, it irritates me though, especially now with the sun! It´s so hot now!!!! The last 2 days have been pretty humid and we are sweating! Sleeping without covers and a fan blowing the whole night! Fun Fun! That´s cool that you´re reaching out to those families, it all starts with the example! We´re trying to get our ward members to get going, but it´s taking a lot more effort than I thought! Our Thanksgiving was with a smaller crew too! well.... 2 as a matter of fact! We ate good (see photo) but it was just me and my comp! Oh well, last thanksgiving in the Guay! And we also have zone conference this next week! MY LAST ONE!!!! It´s pretty intense! The full impact has not yet hit me.....2 months left! This last week, besides the heat, was pretty good! We found a few more people! Had a good lesson with a new couple we´re teaching, Ezequiel and Evalin, they´re trying to get married, and then we´ll see if we can get them in the water! :) They´ve had a lot of trials within the last few years, I think they´re ready! We´ll see what the Spirit can do! Happy Birthday to Josh!!!! Wahooooo! And yay for family pics! I really like getting photos! Girls are still growing fast! yikes! Tell Dad to get better! Just cause I get sick, doesn´t mean he can! JaJa! (that´s spanish for HaHa!) Well that´s about it for this last week! Oh, we did go to a ward get together last night for 3 families that are moving, or have moved from the ward! Herman Paola and her fam were one! Sad day, but we visited her! She´s doing fine in her new house! Thanks for everything! Luv ya tons! Chau!

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