Monday, December 12, 2011

Email 12 Dec 2011

Well we got some service in this last week, we got to help another family with their moving, it was lots of fun! Then we got to play soccer with some wards, it´s actually been awhile since i´ve played and I´m sore now, but it was lots of fun! I was also supposed to talk in church yesterday but the first speaker took 20 min instead of 7...... so they had to cut me... sad day. I bought a Uruguay sweater that I´ve wanted for awhile now, so I know for sure that the card works :) This is the last week before my last change begins! Wow! That´s really strange! Ya, we did get an iron from santa! Too bad we don´t have an ironing board or other surface to use it on! I´ve been starting so see some christmas trees here now, it´s that time of year! Our tree is up too! it´s only about a foot tall, but it´s up! :) And actually, that´s about all it from my end as well. The photos are of us trying to catch fish with a bucket and a stick! Our gangster photo! a view of the bay, and a surprise package from Grandma Snelson! I´m writing her a letter, but you can give her a thanks from me as well! :) I hope everything is well! Luv ya tons!

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