Monday, March 7, 2011

Les Miserable 25th anniversary.

Dad to Michael: We are watching Les Miserable 25th anniversary. Its were they are in full custom but are coming up to mics and belting out the songs, powerful, I'm thinking of you while watching it, Daniel's singing his heart out April not so much, but belting it!! lol. Did you get the photo from last week? did I miss any, mom has been burning stuff to DVD's to get more room on the computer and I think the Riddler is on one of them and she can't find it, at this writing. I'll keep trying. I told everyone in High Priest how your doing and Brother Goudy says Hi. He reads your blog every week. Hope all is well, Mom and I pray every morning for those in your area that they will be ready to meet you and your companion's message. And for you that you may be ready to know who they are, find them! You are amazing? I love you very much!! Dad.

Michael to Dad: Sounds like a blast! I miss those days of just blasting songs in the car! I just sing hymns now! But I get a lot of practice with those!
It´s not that important if you can´t find them, just to show some people but don´t worry about it!
Well, I say hi to everyone back in the ward! I´m greatful for their support! You really can feel it out here!
Thanks for the update! Hasta Luego!

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